A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Brian David Mitchell was declared competent to stand trial last March 1, 2010. Now the Federal Public Pretender was an NGI Defense.

One big fat problem; Mitchell willfully concealed Elizabeth Smart for nine months. He concealed her because he knew he committed an act of kidnapping. He also wanted nothing more than a sex slave, so any NGI Defense will fail. Yes, he might still be able to watched "Charmed" in the Federal Penitentiary he'll stay at, but he may end up in day room full of other prisoners wanting to watch the Morning News instead, and see if their local team won last night's game. In other words, his fellow cellmates may end up killing Mitchell for being a child molestor, singing too much and too loud, and trying to get his own way. He's not a Neo-Nazi, in the Black Guerrilla Family, or the Mexican Mafia, so he has to learn that he will be sent to a non-Mormon environment for an untreated sex addiction caused by his father molesting him. 

It is a sex addiction that is the cause of Mitchell's problem, and ultimately he chose to not use self-control.   


  1. Do you have a link to any article that states Mitchell's father molested him? Because I've been keeping up with the Smart case since 2003 & I've never read anywhere that Mitchell was molested by his father. As for Mitchell's sex "addiction", I don't necessarily think that it's an "addiction". I think the guy is simply an evil, amoral, selfish, manipulative narcissist.

  2. I don't. I do have information that Shirl Mitchell did show him pornography.

    I do seriously believe Shirl did molest him, because the only way Brian David Mitchell learned to molest his own children and stepchildren is that he learned it from somewhere. The way he killed his stepkids' pets, and the day he admitted to Elizabeth Smart that he molested his baby daughter, he learned it from somewhere, and since Shirl is such a fucked-up crackpot, Shirl probably did it.

    I said in earlier posts that molesting is learned. Though pornography alone may cause a person to be a predator, if you remember the case of Ted Bundy, he was molested by his grandfather. He tried to tell James Dobson that "pornography made me do it", but stories that came out after his execution showed that his grandfather molested him.

    I never equated his sex addiction to mental illness, but a lack of self-control.