A call to action

A call to action
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In a recent article in, the site states in part that:

"Oklahoma state Rep. Lucky Lamons wants to loosen his state’s law that bans registered sex offenders from living within 2000 feet from a school because it forces offenders to live in rural areas, where they are too difficult to monitor. Likewise, the law does not differentiate between real offenders and those guilty of public urination, a sex offense in Oklahoma. In the past decade, 27 states have instituted strict residency restrictions inhibiting sex offenders from living in large parts of cities, like Tulsa, Atlanta, or Des Moines. Now offenders are claiming that they cannot find a place to live legally.

"Jill Levenson, professor of human services at Lynn University in Florida, argues that the residency restriction laws have the opposite of their intended effect, pushing sex offenders back into a life of crime. By forcing offenders to live in rural areas, they have less access to jobs and mental health services.

"Other evidence indicates that the restricted residency laws may be unnecessary. According to a 2003 survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, sex offenders are likely to seek victims in neighborhoods other than their own. A report in 2004 by Colorado’s Department of Public Safety indicated that molesters who convicted more offenses lived no closer to schools or child-care centers than those who had not re-offended."

It should have also discussed abuse begatting abuse, but these concerns are well taken. It also explains that sex offenders move from place to place; in other words, they won't say where he or she will be. If Jessica's Law (Known as Prop. 83 in California) were in effect in 1991, it wouldn't prevent Garrido from kidnapping Jaycee Dugard in South Lake Tahoe, about 500 miles east of Antioch. Furthermore, the law has to be enforced. Not only did the Parole Officers ate doughnuts instead of supervising Garrido, but so did Contra Costa Sheriff's and Code Enforcement Officers. They've also been to Garrido's house, and Code Enforcement could had enquired about the lack of permits to the fence and sound room, as well as about all of those junky cars parked in the backyard.The Dugards and the public got fucked without the Vasoline the day Phil got arrested.

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