A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Voyuer West Hollywood claims it's not a "strip club". From Radar Online:

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Scandal Club, VOYEUR, Claims It Is Not A Strip Joint

VOYEUR, the West Hollywood club that is at the center of a Republican Party scandal is hitting back at reports that have branded the venue a strip joint and a bondage club.

In an exclusive statement to, a spokesperson for the club says, "VOYEUR is an exclusive gathering place featuring avant-garde, live art installations. VOYEUR is not a strip club or bondage club. VOYEUR caters to high-end clientele and respects the privacy of all of our guests."

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The club has become synonymous with scandal after the Republic National Committee announced they were launching an investigation into the expenditure of nearly $2,000 of party funds at the racy club.

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According to reports the party had reimbursed Erik Brown, president of a Southern California firm that has provided direct mail services to political campaigns, for a Jan. 31 outing at Voyeur. The staffer that arranged the reimbursement has since been fired.

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The club, inspired by the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman flick, Eyes Wide Shut, is described by one of it's owners as "risque and provocative" and "a combination of intimidation and sexuality."

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Scantily clad performers play out bondage and sadomasochistic "scenes" during the night.

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The $2,000 nightclub jaunt comes amidst other claims of campaign fund mismanagement. In the same monthly report that revealed the club visit, the RNC is shown to have spent nearly $11,000 on limousine services, and thousands more in lodging at swanky hotels in New York, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

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Also, around $400 spent at a liquor store on Capitol Hill was classified in the report as "office supplies."

Concerned Women for America, which describes itself as a conservative Christian group that promotes biblical values, issued a statement saying it was "dismayed" that the RNC had reimbursed Brown.

"Why would a staffer believe that this is acceptable, and has this kind of thing been approved in the past?" said Penny Nance, the group's chief executive.


"A rose is a rose is a rose."

Because the sexually hypocritical GOP (like Sen. Ensign, Gov. Sanford, Rep. Craig, etc.) spent money like a bunch of mother fucking drunken sailors, the owner of the Voyeur West Hollywood says "'it's not a strip club".

"Scantily clad performers play out bondage and sadomasochistic 'scenes' during the night."


If I took my kid to that club, I probably be arrested for the range of violating a West Hollywood ordinance to "delinquency with a minor". The fucked up owner acts like a "beat-around-the-bush" Republican, and pretends that the club is not x-rated and a place your church would not mind attending. Tell that to your Bishop (or Priest, Reverend, Rabbi, Iman, Guru, etc.). 

Michael Steele still thinks that he'll still be the GOP Chairman in November 2010.


Republicans normally call it "Democrat (or Socialist) behavior". With spending money like drunken sailors in this case, while spending countless tax dollars for their lied-to, conned-to Iraq War with the Bush Tax cuts to boot between 2001-January 2009, and that we had balanced budgets during the Clinton (DEMOCRAT!) Administration, it's time for Steele and the GOP to put up, shut the fuck up, or as the late Marvin Gaye would say, "let's get it on".

"... listening to Marvin, all night long!"-Spandau Ballet, True. 


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