A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Now we hear that John Albert Gardner III has violated his parole several times over. The problem is that he was living near a school, a violation of Jessica's Law. The problem is that Gardner could have been "violated", and sent back to prison; however, the State of California has three problems:

1. Not enough prisons.
2. Idiot laws, like the "Three Strike's Law".
3. Outright failure to give prisoners medical treatment under the Eighth Amendment.

There's not enough room in the prisons nowadays. The problem is that you have a bunch of Republican assholes in the Legislature who use their votes as a veto to block tax and spending bills, since California, like one other state, requires a two-thirds vote, which why we have budget crises every year, where the assholes stick it to the poor, the minorities, the seniors, the veterans, the school children, the college students, and the physically and mentally ill. Part of the problem is the when the Republican assholes block spending bills, we don't have the money to fund most everything, and people, including my 89-year old father, get stiffed! Because of too many budget cuts, we can't build more prisons.

To top it off, we are also imprisoning not only the violent and predatory people that should be in prison, but also the petty thieves and others who would have got probation or charged with misdemeanors in jail for 25 or more to life. That increases the prison population, and then you either build more prisons, or you let idiots loose. When idiot initiatives, like the Three-Strikes Law, was enacted, we should adopt a "Nevada provision" where when a law calls for the expenditures of more money, then the proposed initiative MUST include a new tax, or it shouldn't be on the ballot. Until we have more money to pay for the "enforcement" of these stupid initiatives, we should raise taxes or reform the initiative process.

Finally, we have an Eighth Amendment problem. I'm not talking about the Death Penalty, which is also costly, but there are hundreds of Federal Cases that require that the State provide inmates with adequate medical care or the State would be in violation of the Eighth Amendment. The same Republican assholes would want the State not to comply with present Federal Court Orders, because why should the inmates get better care than law-abiding citizens. WHAT PART OF THE EIGHTH AMENDMENT DO THE STUPID REPUBLINAZI ASSHOLE FUCKNUTS UNDERSTAND?!!!!! If this problem continues, the Federal Courts would end up compelling the State to take money from the State Treasury ahead of everything else, and unless we pass new tax increases, the State of California could end up in Bankruptcy Court, and Congress may require the State to be split up, and be forced to increase taxes without a two-thirds (veto) vote of the Legislature. It's time for Republicans to get a lobotomy and stop this "tax cut and cut spending for the people" bull shit nonsense. 

On top of it, Steve Pozner and Meg Whitman ought to drop their appeals for stupidity, and get out of the Governor's race. Before Pozner was elected Insurance Commissioner, he was an insurance company executive. Meg Whitman is Chairman of E-Bay. None of these assholes are qualified to run the State of California. The problem is with every Governor since George Deukmelian is that we are not electing "Der Furher" or "Czar" of California. The Governor is required to ENFORCE the law. The Democrat-majority of the State Senate and Assembly MAKE the laws. The Republican asshole-minority in the Legislature believes that if the Governor is also a Republican asshole, then they can make the Democrats act like African slaves and kiss the Governor's ass. Fuck that shit! We don't need another unqualified fucknut like Schwarzafucker being Governor, and running the State is not like running a business or a Hollywood movie. Although I do have some disagreements with Jerry Brown, he is qualified to be Governor again. 

As for assholes like Gardner, he should have been locked up in prison, like everybody else who violates Parole. Instead of also locking up "pizza thieves" and shoplifters with murderers and child molestors, the "pizza thieves" and shoplifters should not be doing 25 to life. As for predators like Gardner, lock them up, BUT also deal with victims being abused before they become predators like Gardner.  

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