A call to action

A call to action
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


From Scarface:

TV GENERAL MANAGER: ... It seems that all we have is put our fingers in the dyke and pray.

TONY: "Put your fingers in the dyke?" Hell, the only place you could put your fingers--is some dyke.

MANNY: (Laughs.)

Liz Cheney, the McCarthyite lesbo bitch. (Isn't the GOP aagainst Gays?) She states that those who defend Al Queda terrorists are un-American. That includes, ironically, Clinton Impeachment Prosecutor Ken Starr. She feels that if you defend a terrorist, you're Anti-American.

It is the entire Cheney family that's un-American. In, it stated by the author that Liz Cheney is the terrorist who "[attacks] Americans who seek to defend our way of life".

She is in the same stupid cunt parade with Ann Cuntner and Sarah Palin, and I'm beginning to believe that Palin's son is smarter than her. The problem with them and the rest of the GOP is that they don't learn from history. They think that Joseph McCarthy is a "hero" when he and his movement destroyed so many lives. I also believe that both DICK (for he is a dick) Cheney and Liz Cheney want require that we go through a Nazi People's Court where guilt is already pre-decided, where attorneys shut their mouths, and the Chief Judge harangs the shit out of you. The last type of Judge was Nazi Roland Frieser. After we bombed the People's Court in Berlin, it caused a large bell to drop, causing Frieser to be crushed to death. He had papers that would have sent a man to the guillotine. That man survived World War II, and he later became a Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany equivalent to the Supreme Court.

Our forefathers did not risk their lives so that we may suffer in tyranny (far worse than what King George III had given us). In fact, people ought to mail a dead crow to Liz for dinner.

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