A call to action

A call to action
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Jaycee Dugard's claim and that of her mother and two daughters are still in the news. I still hope that after more psychological wounds heal that they decide to file suit.

After today, they may have to file suit sooner.

In the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego, they may have found the body of missing teen Chelsea King. The alleged suspect is John Albert Gardner III, who was found with damped pants on. More importantly, he served five of his six years in State Prison, and was on Parole until 2008. While on Parole, California voters voted yes on Proposition 83, the other name for Jessica's Law in this State. In the California Supreme Court case of In re E. J., handed down last February 1, the State Supreme Court ruled that the 2,000-feet buffer zone around parks and schools applies to all Parolees and Registered Sex Offenders when the measure was passed in 2006. 

According to's_Law,_California_Proposition_83_(2006), there is a startling statement about the law:

"A study released in November 2009 said that more than 70 percent of registered sex offenders in San Diego County are violating the provisions of the law."  (From San Diego Union Tribune, "One last word on sex offenders", November 30, 2009.)

Ironically, the cunt that co-authored Proposition 83 was San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. She thinks that the new law would help keep sex offenders away from kids.

Let's see:

1. It didn't help Chelsea King. If her body was found in that shallow grave today, Gardner was "visiting" his mother's house in the Rancho Bernardo area near a school. His registration said that he lived in Lake Elsinore in Riverside County. Why wasn't he there? Nevertheless, Jessica's Law didn't work in Dumanis' County. I feel very sorry for the King Family.

2. It didn't and wouldn't help Jaycee or her two kids. When they put an ankle bracelet and the traveling restriction on Phillip Garrido, they didn't ding him or sent him back to State Prison for going outside of the 25-mile limit. He also lied to his Parole Officer, and said that one of Jaycee's daughters he fathered was his "niece". Even if Phil had a niece, he wasn't supposed to have any kids with him. Albeit, he lived outside the 2,000-feet barrier in unincorporated Antioch, it didn't stop him from going to South Lake Tahoe, about 500 miles away, and the scene of his 1976 crime of kidnapping Katie Callaway Hall, to kidnap Jaycee, even if Jessica's Law was in effect back in 1991.

3. If the law was enacted in Utah, it wouldn't stop Brian David Mitchell from kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, other than a sex-related conviction as a juvenile, he wasn't convicted of any other sex crimes, despite his behavior. I also don't believe that Utah required him to register as a sex offender in 1968 at the time he was convicted as a juvenile. He has been engaged in predatory behaviors since he was a kid, but Jessica's law wouldn't stop him in 2002.

4. Finally, in Florida of all places, the birth of Jessica's Law in the first place, it didn't save Somer Thompson. She was murdered, allegedly, by a person engaged in kiddie porn, but he was not convicted of any sex crimes. In fact, the cops took away his computer days before Somer disappeared and was killed. It didn't help save Somer, and nothing stopped her alleged killer from murdering her in the first place.

Jessica's Law also would had not helped Polly Klaas, Samantha Runnion, Anthony Martinez, and not even Adam Walsh. Predators are still going to be around children, and they're not in trenchcoats. They will still be anywhere, and they will still kidnap, molest, and even kill their helpless victim. Even the ankle bracelet they put on Phil didn't stop Phil from moving around and visiting UC Berkeley the day two UC cops stopped Phil, so why have Jessica's Law if you're not going to enforce it? Jessica's Law might as well be re-named "words on used toilet paper".

If the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation did not re-arrest Gardner for violating any restrictions, it's time for Jaycee and her mom to come out in public, file suit against the State and the Parole Officers involved, and address why the State of Calibogus didn't protect Chelsea King from being killed.

If I was in San Diego County, fucking Dunamis should be recalled!

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