A call to action

A call to action
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


It doesn't excuse what he allegedly did to Somer Thompson.

As stated in

"Research over the decades has established a profile for people who are perversely attracted to children. Often they've been raised in non-traditional environments or experienced a childhood trauma, Finkelhor said.

"As a result, they often didn't have productive relationships with their peers. Court records have shown that Harrell was raised in a bizarre environment with several different stepfathers, including one who publicly declared that he had married Harrell's then-8-year-old sister.

"Another stepfather has said he found pornographic images of children in a locked box in Harrell's room when he was 16. The girls in the picture were under 6 years old - about the same age as the girls investigators found pictured on Harrell's computer."


True, if Harrell is actually guilty of murdering Somer, he should get to sit in Old Smokey or something similar. The fact is that if somebody helped Harrell cope with the abuse, and if the Police ARRESTED HIM SOONER for having the kiddie porn on his computer, Somer would still be alive today. Second of all, isn't it a crime to have kiddie porn on the computer? If so, Harrell should have been arrested before he had met Somer (if that is proven to be the case), but first, both the kiddie porn and the alleged murder have it's roots in the "bizzare childhood".

First of all, nobody marries an 8-year old. If that was the case, Harrell should have been in foster care or be sent back to his birth father. Stupidity alone is not a reason to take a child away from the parents, but when one marries an animal who physically and/or sexually abuses your child, you're a sick bitch or son of a bitch, like Nancy Garrido. Somebody, A LONG TIME AGO should have counseled Harrell as a child before his trauma graduated to kiddie porn, molesting, and murder. 

I believe that John Albert Gardner III also was abused as a child. I also believe that the notorious California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation also did not properly supervise Gardner either. How come he didn't spend two years at Atascadero State Hospital as required by law before Jessica's Law went into effect? Since he was also Bipolar, was he given a mental health screening, or do did they drop the ball like they did with Phillip Garrido?

We don't need more Laws with names like Megan, Jessica, and Marsy. If we don't get into root causes, I don't give a fuck how nice and manicured your lawn looks. Your child will always be in danger until we stop begating abuse!

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