A call to action

A call to action
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Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm watching the Jaycee Dugard interview on ABC now, and I wouldn't mind if Garrido gets raped in prison.


He needs to learn a fucking lesson. He needs to learn that women and children are NOT, and NEVER WERE sex objects. He needs to feel the pain he caused Jaycee, and his last two known victims. He needs to LEARN and RE-LEARN from his fucked up twisted mind and dick  He needs to feel pain and retribution that he has caused. If bad prison experiences doesn't help him, GIVE HIM A LOBOTOMY!

Sorry, but sociopaths need to either LISTEN or lose a brain. If they haven't learned the first time, it should be permanent lock-up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


From Yahoo:

Nancy Grace Leads Media Outrage Over Anthony Verdict

By Robert Dougherty

PostsWebsite .By Robert Dougherty
Yahoo! Contributor Network – Wed, Jul 6, 2011

COMMENTARY/ HLN host Nancy Grace has been attacking Casey Anthony for years, and the end of her trial was no different. Predictably, Grace had choice words for Anthony after her acquittal, saying on her HLN show that "the devil was dancing" following the verdict. Although the jury concluded there wasn't enough evidence to convict the Florida mother, that wasn't enough to sway Grace, or other TV personalities.

Whenever there is a hot-button trial, disappearance or legal media circus, Grace is usually the one to lead the charge and hysteria. It was no different with this case; the former prosecutor was one of the first to extensively cover the disappearance and death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. After authorities focused their attention on Casey, the coverage turned quite hostile.

The fervor reached a climax after Tuesday's verdict when, against all odds and media coverage, Anthony was found not guilty. Naturally, after spending months and years arguing otherwise, Grace railed against the defense, who she claimed was performing a "champagne toast" afterward, and argued the media was blameless compared to the "tot mom."

Other than Grace, the biggest outrage over the verdict was shown by Bill O'Reilly, especially when Geraldo Rivera tried to defend the jury's ruling. O'Reilly outshouted him, according to Entertainment Weekly, stating "I am so angry about this verdict!"

Outrage from O'Reilly and Grace is nothing new or unexpected, given their reputations. Since these controversial figures are at the center of the media coverage, it only makes the subsequent doubt and criticism more obvious.

Anthony's attorney, J. Cheney Mason, attacked "incompetent talking heads" for leading a "media assassination" of her client, while CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin conceded that the "media's performance will be something we should all discuss."

As in the sagas of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and the Ramsey family, the media helped fuel the fury over this high-profile case. The press and public will once more debate whether coverage went too far, then promise to tone it down -- at least until the next scandalous murder and accused murderer comes along.

Anthony was tailor-made for Grace and the other talking heads to attack given her questionable character, ever-changing stories about what happened, and her attitude while Caylee was missing. Yet even the talking heads have to realize by now their fury alone cannot convict someone in a court of law. (Emphasis added.)


Nancy Grace should just go home, and have another baby.

She is a sexually deprived bitch.

She should get a Trojan Triforia vibrator.

Grace (or the lack of grace thereof) should move out of CNN, period. She spent three years with pitchforks on air wishing that Casey Anthony would leave this Earth with a fried head. Yes, I think that Casey, and/or her parents had something to do with Caley's death. Caley is another Angel in Paradise. Nobody else in the Anthony family would come close. But driving the case for the conviction and death of Casey solely based on bitchiness, lack of facts, lack of hearing all sides of the story, lack of civics among the people who still believe in fascist, old-world notions of criminal justice bull shit, does not get the people to understand why Casey would get time served. Grace had everybody to believe that Casey was guilty as sin, and had everybody believe that Casey "killed" Caley because she wanted to PAH-TY! True, Casey lied, and to that extent, does deserve the misdemeanor convictions. She also couldn't shut the fuck up. At least the Stanislaus County D. A., could convict Scott Peterson, and they had better evidence to convict him of murdering his wife and unborn child. She'll finally be free after begging everybody in jail to bail her out. 

The sad part is that there are men and women in prison that are in there for a hell of a lot less than what was presented to the Jury to seek a murder conviction of Casey. It's time to periodically review ALL cases to make sure that the guilty are GUILTY and still guilty, not wasting taxpayers' monies on prison overcrowding because fascist D. A.'s rather play "gotcha games" than proving their cases beyond a reasonable doubt. As for Grace, no wonder she is no longer a Deputy D. A. for she is a DEVILSPAWN! She's a DEVILBITCH!

So is the entire broadcast media! WHERE'S THE FUCKING BOTH SIDES?!! If both sides are not presented, no wonder why people thought that Casey should get the chair. Shitty organizations like CNN and Fox do a disservice of presenting only one side of the story instead of all sides. If this is "news", I'm Anne Frank. This is a solemn joke. If you want news, watch Democracy Now!, not Reichstag T. V.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Fox News is a media center for conservative politics. "Content Directives"? Did I ever learn that at Mt. SUC? The term did not even exist between 1983-1986.

The reason why I mention this is because CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace wanted everybody to believe that Casey Anthony was guilty as sin, and I still believe that Casey killed her daughter. However, Grace whipped up this fantasy that Casey was the culprit, and like Scott Peterson, Casey couldn't shut the holy fuck up, and even in Jail! What was not on any news network and station (except Democracy Now!, and Pacifica Radio who had real news stories to actually cover) was that the State of Florida (the Deputies Attorney General responsible for prosecuting this "mother") had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey killed her two year old daughter. We can blame the Jury, the Defense attorneys, etc., but like Gilbert Garcetti, Tom Sneddon, and all other overzealous D. A.'s that believe that bad publicity equals guilty verdicts, they will not win guilty verdicts before ANY jury.

What does this say? There's no such thing as a "liberal media" They didn't show that there were "holes" in the prosecution, or the other "what if's". They, all headed by Grace (as if grace existed as all) painted Casey as a drugged-out PAH-TY girl who didn't care about her missing and dead daughter. Let's face it. If having "bad judgment", sitting alone was a felony, then Casey is so fucking guilty as hell. The "bad judgment" motive only proved just that. The Jury didn't believe that Casey was responsible for murder. If the media is to perform a public service, all avenues should have been aired, but the media has stooped to the level of the Star and the National Enquier. If this is what we expect from the media, then the blind, dumb, and stupid would elect the likes of Palincunt and Bitchmann for President, because people are stupid. These people will believe everything in print or on TV, because "they wouldn't print it (or air it) if it wasn't true." Sorry, MY KIDS WON'T BE RAISED TO BE STUPID!!! HELLO?!!!

I want everybody to read Amy Goodman's "Exceptions to the Rulers", because it's time to grow a brain (and a pair), and find out the opposite of whatever Paul Harvey never said. Electric Chair or not, Casey Anthony is destroyed. It's time for the public to understand "reasonable doubt", and that the Constitution exists to PROTECT ALL, not just the vile.
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Well, Joseph Edward Duncan III pleaded guilty to killing the little boy from Banning. Don't worry, people. He faces the Federal Death Penalty in Montana, and is still under an Idaho death sentence. Stay tuned.

Phil and Nancy Garrido both pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping Jaycee Dugard. She'll be on ABC Sunday Night. Phil Garrido deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life, but I'm sure people will be writing about Nancy Garrido on how naive and stupid she made her life to be, and how wrong the Jehovah's Witnesses are.

Brian David Mitchell will no longer watch "Charmed", but will be watching his back every few seconds, and beg for Administrative Segregation.

Mitchell thought he could be a Bishop, Stake President, or even an Apostle, but he wasn't close to be "Bishop material". He was desposed to being sexually active probably because he was probably molested by his dad, and he just refused to stop. In early as 1975, Apostle Boyd K. Packer spoke about self-control. WHERE WAS MITCHELL? Every Church President since David O. McKay taught against illicit sex. What we have here is an apostate raised by an apostate family that refuses to get help all of this time. Now, Mitchell will spend the rest of his life in the Federal Bureau of Prisons for kidnapping and raping a 14-year old four times a day. He's no better than Warren Steed Jeffs, another horny idiot.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011


He has the State's Justice Department file for Certiorari in the United States Supreme Court to stop the Injunction to restore Medi-Cal funding. This also effects my dad's right to receive assistance to In-Home Support Services; otherwise, my dad would be evicted from his mobile home.

The case is Maxwell-Jolly v. Independent Living Centers, and Brown's main concern is that it would bankrupt the State, because it can't afford to pay for Medi-Cal and everything else.


Whose fault is it:


It started way back to Howard Jarvis and Proposition 13. It SEVERELY cut property taxes, and it was championed by Republican politicians. It also enacted a two-thirds vote requirement in the Legislature to raise taxes. Still, Republicans want the State to continue cutting everything to "improve the economy" (MY ASS!). All the State has done is make more people poorer, and piss off more people in this State.

Bill Maher said it best last year when he said that reducing the debt by cutting taxes is like getting a hand-job is going to clean the garage. Instead of cutting Medi-Cal and related services, here's what the State can do:



Why should we wait for Republicans to grow balls?!!! They have fucked this State in the last 33 years, by giving reduced services, shabby schools, shabby colleges, etc. Instead of filing frivolous appeals to the Supreme Court, they should RAISE THE FUCKING TAXES TO PAY OFF THE DEBTS, AND THEN RESTORE FUNDING BACK TO 1978 LEVELS. WE SHOULD ALSO NOT HAVE TO PAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE TUITION, OR HIGH CSU AND UC TUITION!!! EITHER THE GOP BEST AGREE TO RAISE TAXES TO HELP ELDERLY, DISABLED, POOR, WOMEN, CHILDREN, STUDENTS, ETC., OR THEY SHOULD BE RECALLED THIS YEAR!

My father, Henry Frederick Ramey, Sr. ("Old Man Ramey"), will turn 90 on March 3, 2011. It is time we give the Seniors the respect they need and restore FULL MEDI-CAL SERVICES!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


From Digby:


by digby


State legislators in 25 states (see list below) planned to introduce SB 1070 clones in upcoming legislative sessions, according to Immigration Impact. Of course, not all — or even most — of these laws will pass. However, Republicans picked up the most seats in the modern era of state legislatures in 2010 — more than Republicans did in 1994 or Democrats in the post-Watergate wave of 1974. Republicans hold both houses and the governorship in fifteen states (sixteen including Nebraska’s unicameral legislature).

Florida elected Republican Rick Scott — who ran ads against his primary opponent for his opposition to Arizona’s law — for governor along with Republican supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature. Scott supports “measures like the Arizona law.” When asked by Wolf Blitzer of CNN whether he would push the legislature to bring a bill to him, he said, “I don’t have to, the legislature’s already focused on it.”

Both House and Senate versions of immigration enforcement bills in Florida require aliens to carry documentation with them or risk being incarcerated and fined. Both bills state that nothing may prohibit local officials from “sending, receiving, or maintaining information relating to the immigration status of an individual.” If local officials do not comply, then the state attorney general may sue those officials. The Florida legislative session begins in March.

Legislators in Tennessee — which now has a Republican governor, House and Senate — plan to introduce a SB 1070-like bill in the upcoming session. The Tennessean reported that State Sen. Bill Ketron is drafting a bill that would criminalize illegal immigration, but attorneys are working to make sure the bill conforms with the state constitution. Ketron — like Arizona legislators — received help in drafting the bill from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that writes conservative “model legislation” for states.

Colorado is a good example of a state where a SB 1070-like bill stands no chance of passing. State Senator-elect Ken Lambert (R) said he would introduce a bill into the legislature next session. “I don’t care if it is litigated,” he said. “It is clearly something the people want. The will of the people has been ignored by Democrats for too long.” However, the Democratic governor-elect, John Hickenlooper, opposes the measure; incidentally, he defeated Tom Tancredo — who gained a national profile for his vehement opposition to illegal immigration — in the general election.[...]

If states don’t take up SB 1070-like bills, in-state tuition — or even admission to public universities — for illegal immigrants is likely to be a big issue, especially after the failure of the DREAM Act during the recent lame-duck session of the U.S. Congress.

But if the DREAM Act — allowing a path to citizenship for children brought to the U.S. illegally with their parents after completing two years of college or military service — cannot pass, it remains highly unlikely that Congress will pass any immigration reform in the near future. Which means many Republican-controlled states, unburdened by divided government, may fill in the gap.


States with SB 1070-like legislation in the works: (PDF)

Most likely to pass: Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina

Maybe: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia

Less Likely: Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island

I consider it a triumph of our new found tolerance and diversity that it's taken so long to get into full-on, hysterical xenophobia. Believe it or not, that's progress.

I'd just note that contrary to popular myth about the Tea Partiers being only concerned with fiscal matters, this issue is very big.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This was at Alternet:

Glenn Beck To Fat People: ‘I Say Let Them Die’

Posted by igorvolsky on @ 5:38 amArticle printed from speakeasy: to article:

This post originally appeared on Think Progress.

Since First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled her Let’s Move! program to fight obesity, conservatives have portrayed the effort as a government assault on personal freedoms and liberties. After the administration released a report on obesity in May, Matt Drudge ran a headline saying, “White House seeks controls on food marketing” and on his Fox News show, Sean Hannity asked: “Does every American family need a dietitian appointed by the government to tell them that this food is going to make you fat and this food is not?” Yesterday, Glenn Beck joined the act, criticizing Michelle Obama for encouraging restaurants to “offer healthier versions of the foods that we all love.” He also joked that fat people should die:

BECK: When I heard this I thought, get your damn hands off my fries, lady. If I want to be a fat fat fatty and shovel French Fries all day long, that is my choice. But oh oh, not so fast anymore. Because now we have the new fact, whether you like it or not, we have government health care now. … You know those fat people sitting on their couches? And I mean really fat. I don’t mean not like me. I mean the people who’s skin grows into the couch. … I say let them die. I say punish the person who’s been bringing them the milk shakes that allowed them to eat and not get up off the couch. Am I too harsh?

Watch it:

Beck was being facetious, but obesity is, in fact, a killer. The Wonk Room examines the obesity epidemic and details what the White House plans to do about it. (H/T: MMFA)

I, Hank Ramey, am fat.

Beck reminds me of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy, the Republican Senator from Wisconsin. He died a miserable death. This was after he slandered thousands of people calling them Communists or simply "un-American".

Beck claims he's going to be "blind". Here's what I want to see done with that Glenn Goldenass Beck Asshole:

1. He can be mangled to death. After he dies, he WON'T be with his parents, wife, and kids. He will be running around naked in his psychological hell. After some torment, he asks God to help. Guess Who says, "I never knew thee"? It would be more than 1,000+ years before his Judgment Day.

2. He can be paralyzed and speechless. He'll be in an auto accident and be a quadlapegic. Each time he shits uncontrollably, he'll be unable to tell anybody he needs help. He'll be worse than what Martin Lawrence suffered in Runtledat.

3. He can be blind for real. Remember when Dan Rather was attacked? He wasn't blind, and was able to identify his attackers. Goldster Beck could be beaten severely while blind, but absent witnesses, could Beck do the same?

Beck is the ultimate, spineless, draft-dodging PUSSY! He needs to suffer like McCarthy. This bitch of a cunt doesn't deserve to be on the planet. If this is a Tea Party leader, it's 1933 in Germany again!

If cunts like Beck keep saying that fat people should die, Heaven have mercy on that PUSSY! If you want to see what pussies are, look at pictures of hanged Nazi War Criminals. Beck can join them!