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Thursday, July 7, 2011


From Yahoo:

Nancy Grace Leads Media Outrage Over Anthony Verdict

By Robert Dougherty

PostsWebsite .By Robert Dougherty
Yahoo! Contributor Network – Wed, Jul 6, 2011

COMMENTARY/ HLN host Nancy Grace has been attacking Casey Anthony for years, and the end of her trial was no different. Predictably, Grace had choice words for Anthony after her acquittal, saying on her HLN show that "the devil was dancing" following the verdict. Although the jury concluded there wasn't enough evidence to convict the Florida mother, that wasn't enough to sway Grace, or other TV personalities.

Whenever there is a hot-button trial, disappearance or legal media circus, Grace is usually the one to lead the charge and hysteria. It was no different with this case; the former prosecutor was one of the first to extensively cover the disappearance and death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. After authorities focused their attention on Casey, the coverage turned quite hostile.

The fervor reached a climax after Tuesday's verdict when, against all odds and media coverage, Anthony was found not guilty. Naturally, after spending months and years arguing otherwise, Grace railed against the defense, who she claimed was performing a "champagne toast" afterward, and argued the media was blameless compared to the "tot mom."

Other than Grace, the biggest outrage over the verdict was shown by Bill O'Reilly, especially when Geraldo Rivera tried to defend the jury's ruling. O'Reilly outshouted him, according to Entertainment Weekly, stating "I am so angry about this verdict!"

Outrage from O'Reilly and Grace is nothing new or unexpected, given their reputations. Since these controversial figures are at the center of the media coverage, it only makes the subsequent doubt and criticism more obvious.

Anthony's attorney, J. Cheney Mason, attacked "incompetent talking heads" for leading a "media assassination" of her client, while CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin conceded that the "media's performance will be something we should all discuss."

As in the sagas of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson and the Ramsey family, the media helped fuel the fury over this high-profile case. The press and public will once more debate whether coverage went too far, then promise to tone it down -- at least until the next scandalous murder and accused murderer comes along.

Anthony was tailor-made for Grace and the other talking heads to attack given her questionable character, ever-changing stories about what happened, and her attitude while Caylee was missing. Yet even the talking heads have to realize by now their fury alone cannot convict someone in a court of law. (Emphasis added.)


Nancy Grace should just go home, and have another baby.

She is a sexually deprived bitch.

She should get a Trojan Triforia vibrator.

Grace (or the lack of grace thereof) should move out of CNN, period. She spent three years with pitchforks on air wishing that Casey Anthony would leave this Earth with a fried head. Yes, I think that Casey, and/or her parents had something to do with Caley's death. Caley is another Angel in Paradise. Nobody else in the Anthony family would come close. But driving the case for the conviction and death of Casey solely based on bitchiness, lack of facts, lack of hearing all sides of the story, lack of civics among the people who still believe in fascist, old-world notions of criminal justice bull shit, does not get the people to understand why Casey would get time served. Grace had everybody to believe that Casey was guilty as sin, and had everybody believe that Casey "killed" Caley because she wanted to PAH-TY! True, Casey lied, and to that extent, does deserve the misdemeanor convictions. She also couldn't shut the fuck up. At least the Stanislaus County D. A., could convict Scott Peterson, and they had better evidence to convict him of murdering his wife and unborn child. She'll finally be free after begging everybody in jail to bail her out. 

The sad part is that there are men and women in prison that are in there for a hell of a lot less than what was presented to the Jury to seek a murder conviction of Casey. It's time to periodically review ALL cases to make sure that the guilty are GUILTY and still guilty, not wasting taxpayers' monies on prison overcrowding because fascist D. A.'s rather play "gotcha games" than proving their cases beyond a reasonable doubt. As for Grace, no wonder she is no longer a Deputy D. A. for she is a DEVILSPAWN! She's a DEVILBITCH!

So is the entire broadcast media! WHERE'S THE FUCKING BOTH SIDES?!! If both sides are not presented, no wonder why people thought that Casey should get the chair. Shitty organizations like CNN and Fox do a disservice of presenting only one side of the story instead of all sides. If this is "news", I'm Anne Frank. This is a solemn joke. If you want news, watch Democracy Now!, not Reichstag T. V.


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