A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Two days ago, Judge Dale Kimball of the Salt Lake City Federal Court ruled that Brian David Mitchell is sane, and that he will stand trial for his alleged guilt. 

The problem with why it finally took so long is because of the Utah Court System. Even though most politicians in Utah are the "law & order" types, the Judges, since the territorial days between 1847 and 1896 have been more merciful than in states like California or in the extreme, Texas, due to the fact that most of the Judges are Mormon. But then again, Mormons in Utah have not always trusted government, and in Mitchell's case, before the McMartin case was filed in 1982, if a Mormon was accused by another Mormon of sexual abuse, it was left to the accused local Bishop and his Counselors, and unless the member could show that he could repent (like make amends), he or she was excommunicated, unless the male member was an Elder or above, then that person could only be disfellowshiped, until the local Stake President, his Counselors, and the Stake High Council heard the member's case, and if the member could not demonstrate repentance, he was then excommunicated. After the McMartin Case was filed in California, it was easier for civil prosecutors to try these predators in Utah, as well as elsewhere.

The competency case for Mitchell was different in Federal Court.  In California Courts, the defendant has to be shown that he did not know right from wrong in order to be found incompetent. What the Federal did was hear mostly from lay witnesses as to how Mitchell acted and reacted throughout his life.

In the Order, Judge Kimball states:

1. That when Mitchell and Wanda Barzee had her for nine months, Mitchell knew what he was doing, concealed Elizabeth's face, didn't act like a "man of God" (wasn't charitable), made justifications for raping Elizabeth daily (surprised that she did get pregnant with this bastard), etc.; in other words, use of religion was a farce. Mitchell used God just to rape Elizabeth.

2. That Mitchell had a sexual problem, since he was a teenager. I'LL GO EVEN FARTHER THAN THAT. Mitchell's actions are of a result of him being molested and raped by his father when he was a child. Why would he force a four-year old girl to touch his dick? Why would he get his girlfriend pregnant (not a sole factor, but cumulative with the rest of his family life)? Why would he physically abuse his kids? Why kidnap his kids and take them back east with them?Why would he refuse to marry in the Temple with his second wife? Why would he molest all five kids in his second marriage, including the two youngest ones, where Mitchell masturbated his three-year old son, and "hurted" his one-year old daughter's privates? Why would Mitchell kill the dog, and later feed the kids their daughter's rabbit for dinner and called it chicken? (I DETEST WHAT MITCHELL AND BARZEE DID WITH THEIR DAUGHTER'S RABBIT! When my sainted mother grew up in Utah, she had to eat rabbits for dinner, and was told it tasted like chicken. Why? BECAUSE EVERYBODY WAS STARVING DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION! Her mom and others couldn't afford to buy chicken at the market, so they had to get food somewhere!) Finally, why live like the bums? Reason, they wanted to act like that tax cheat that shoved a plane to the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Mitchell and Barzee didn't want to pay taxes and child support.

3. That Mitchell knew how the legal system worked. He knew that his acts were illegal, which is why Elizabeth was forced to wear a Muslim outfit. He sounded very competent when he was arrested in the San Diego area. When he failed to have the State drop the sex charge in Elizabeth's kidnapping that's when he started singing in Court. When he was at Utah State Hospital, he watched "Charmed". That series on the old WB Network starred Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs, and in its first season, it also starred Shannon Doherty. Now, imagine them scantily-clad on "Charmed". Now, imagine each of them butt-naked.


Brian David Mitchell suffers not from a mental illness, but from a sex addiction brought on by his father's pedophilia. No, Bill Maher, there is such a thing, and it has nothing to do with Dr. Drew Pinsky treating Andy Dick. The reason why Mitchell has sexually abused children and others, is not because he "loves" or lusts for them. He abuses them, because he didn't like the way his hand was drawn when he was born, and later when his dad first molested him. He doesn't want to see happy kids, because Mitchell isn't happy. I remember an interview between Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and the late Ted Bundy, and Bundy claimed to Dobson that Bundy became a serial killer because of pornography. I believe that is partly true. The real truth is that Bundy's grandfather molested him. That is the real reason. ABUSE BEGATS ABUSE! 

It is the same reason why Richard Allen Davis killed Polly Klaas.

It is the same reason why Joseph Edward Duncan III killed Anthony Martinez, and most of Shasta Groene's family.

It is the same reason why that child pornographer killed Somer Thompson.

It is probably why John Albert Gardner III killed Chelsea King.

It is also probably why Phillip Garrido kidnapped and raped Jaycee Dugard and kept her hostage for 18 years. 

The reason why there are child predators is because a parent, relative, teacher, or priest (or somebody in a similar capacity) molested and abused a child, and instead of the child turned into the proper direction, the child later becomes an angry adult, who inflicts more pain on a child than what he got as a child. 

Ultimately, Mitchell probably wasn't in General Conference when then-Elder Boyd K. Packer first talked about self-control in the mid-1970's. Mitchell was probably 21 in about 1974 when Elder Packer was ordained to the Quorum of the Twelve. His talk was later made into a filmstrip, videotaped, and republished in tracts, such as "Strength for the Youth". Then when Mitchell was convicted as a juvenile in 1968, the President of the LDS Church was David O. McKay. Apostles in that year included, Mark E. Petersen, Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee, Spencer W. Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, Howard W. Hunter, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Thomas S. Monson. The last seven succeeded President McKay. Presidents Kimball, Hunter, and Hinckley also spoke against pornography during their lifetime. Where was Mitchell?!!!

Mitchell used God and His Church only as a stepping-stone for "higher" power. When he didn't get it, he started his own sect, wrote his own scripture, but it wasn't because he didn't like what Presidents Hunter and Hinckley taught from the pulpit. He lived a sexual sado-masochistic lifestyle in the home, because he lacked self-control at the home, something President Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve has taught for years. He wasn't interested in making himself happy or his family. He was interested in only making everybody miserable. He didn't go to the poor areas of Salt Lake City and try to start his "Seven Plus One" polygamous family. Mitchell chose a 14-year old girl, living a happy life in the Federal Hill area of Salt Lake City (a place like Redlands or the Westwood area of L. A.) he seen while working at Ed Smart's house as a handyman. That's when, as Elvie Montana would say, a "real contribution to human history". 

The real reason why he wants to sing hymns in Court is so that he can go back to Utah State Hospital and watch shows, like "Charmed". His planned rouse didn't work. In fact, he's not crazy at all. The reason why he made Elizabeth wear a Muslim outfit, is because he didn't want to be caught. He knew he was going to commit a crime, but having Elizabeth in street clothes, would have made him be caught sooner. His defense wouldn't work in California, Texas, and almost any other State. Instead of taking the plea deal in a Utah Court, Mitchell would have to face Judge Mitchell, and either take a Federal deal or all chips are off the table, and Mitchell would be tried for all the marbles. Unless he gets a "Supermax" cell in Florence, Colorado, Mitchell may end up with his Big Bubba Johnson cellmate, and he may be White as a playing card deck. Then if he meets a Polynesian inmate, he wouldn't need to unzip or use a shank, he could kill Mitchell with his bare hands. Then again, his cellmate might even be Phillip Garrido himself. (NOTE: he had kidnapped Jaycee while on Federal Parole. The Feds may require that Garrido serve all the remaining 39 years from the 1977 kidnapping conviction, and do the entire time, before he does any State time.)

As for solutions, instead of killing all the pedophiles or giving them all "life without parole" we should work with the victims before they become pedophiles themselves. I fear that the then-three-year old boy in Mitchell's second marriage would be a pedophile, because he wasn't able to control himself, and may use all of that bottled up anger to strike back. I'm afraid it would take more than just listening to Pres. Packer's talk on self-control. If we as a society do not work with the victims, the victims would come back to haunt us with a vengence.

Ask Jaycee Dugard.

Ask Mr. King.

Ask Mark Klaas.

Ask Ed Smart.

Ask John Walsh.

Insert the Law & Order: SVU theme here.


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