A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, April 8, 2010



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By Cathy Orosz

MILWAUKEE - You can find out if a sex offender lives in your neighborhood by checking the state's registry, but what if they're not registered? The US Marshals and the Department of Corrections are teaming up to knock on doors to make sure registered sex offenders are following the rules.

Most of the visits to the home of sex offenders are compliance checks to make sure registered sex offenders are playing by the rules. Deputy US Marshal Gary Enos says, "First of all and mostly, we're checking to make sure they're living where they say they're living. It's their job to report to us. It's not our job to find them."

Parole agents usually rely on local police for back-up, but this week they're getting muscle from the US Marshals in "Operation Cold Shoulder". "They get a lot of wary answers, shut doors in their faces, basically the cold shoulder."

- I think it's so funny how they come up with stupid names for these Gestapo missions.

These checks are unannounced and that makes them unpredictable. Authorities don't know what they're walking into when they go in there, so they always have to be prepared. Enos said, "They don't know why we're knocking on the door, it could be for a warrant or it could be simply for a check. That's why we wear the safety gear as well as DOC, wearing bullet proof vests."

- If someone is coming to the door in riot gear and vests, it's kind of obvious it's for an arrest.  The probation department, if they were doing this, do not do this. The Gestapo have to come in numbers and show brute force to arrest one person, very funny.

The non-compliant are arrested, the goal is to make the community feel safer. "We haven't forgotten about these guys. They need to be checked. We're out here doing all these compliance checks in order to maintain that they are doing what they're supposed to be doing, and a reminder to the offenders that we haven't forgotten about them. They do need to register on time, every time."

Together the US Marshals and the DOC check 220 registered sex offenders over the past couple days. They wound up arresting nine people, so the majority of those offenders were in compliance.

- Wow, 9 out of 220.  By the hysteria and hype the news and politicians spout, you'd think 90% or more would be re-offending, but they apparently are not. Fear and hysteria makes good news stories and especially when they can do a video like the one below.

Video Link

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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