A call to action

A call to action
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Monday, April 26, 2010


Today's Republicans are so shitty, they are so far right, the following people today would be called liberal Democrats:

1. Ronald Reagan, Sr. Yes he was a crook. Famous for saying, "Well... I don't remember." However, he favored amnesty for undocumented aliens. That, and raising some taxes would today give him a "liberal" tag today.

2. Richard "I'm not a crook" Nixon. Sen. Barry Goldwater and two other Republicans told Nixon that he only had 15 No votes, and he needed 34 votes to save him before being convicted in an Impeachment Trial in the Senate. He resigned, but former President Bill Clinton jokingly said that Nixon was a "Communist". He proposed and later signed various laws that none of today's Republicans would endorse.

3. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many Anti-Communist Republicans already said that he was a "liberal"; he didn't back Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and near the end of his Presidency, he lamented that this Country was an ever-increasing "military-industrial complex". 

4. Barry Goldwater. Later in the 1970's and 1980's, he was pro-abortion, detested religious leaders interfering in politics, and many of his views today would make him more of a Kennedy-Johnson Democrat today than he was in 1964. 

The Republican Party today is nothing more than a vile shell of what Southern Democrats held before the 1960's. Even former Senator Tom Tancredo wants to bring back "literacy tests" that denied Blacks and Latinos from voting. The anti-immigration stances of the Republicans/Tea Baggers won't bring Latinos into the Republican Party anytime soon. 

In Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, it will encourage racial profiling against Latinos. HAVE THEY WATCHED THE MOVIE "BORN IN EAST L. A."?!! Obviously not. They, the GOP, have as much brain cells as Karl Pilkington. Fans of Fux Propaganduh Channel were described by a former employee of theirs as "trailer-trash".

This is a major Gestapo ploy! Jews in Nazi Germany were also required to carry I. D.'s as well as wear a yellow star. Where the fuck is Michelle Bachman, that stupid cunt!  

The goal of the Republican Party is now to disenfranchise Black and Latinos, and to hold on to what power they have left. Even if the Immigration Reform bill currently pending in Congress is "amnesty", give them five more years, they'll be registered Democrats. The way Republicans/Tea Baggers have acted towards Latinos, citizen or not, registered alien or not, the GOP's acts makes them so afraid, you will only get more registered Democrats. 

Look at California, Republicans have alienated Latinos to a point where they lost GOP registration, not gained. More alienation in Arizona would cause that State to be a Democrat/Blue State. It's only a matter of time. 

Until the law, Arizona Senate Bill 1070, is repealed, the State should be boycotted to send a message. Like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, they woke up a sleeping giant. The Latino vote would change the State for the better, not worse. Latinos are not stupid. They will vote against anything that is not in their interest. 

As for Drug Cartels coming into Arizona, legalize Pot! It will be on this year's ballot. Are they like Vic on the T. V. in "Scarface" of whom Tony Montana said "that's because you got your head up your culo"? Legalization will drive the Tony Montana-types elsewhere. These are the same people that not now detest Thomas Jefferson.

Republicans are slow-fucking themselves into oblivion. The more people they alienate would cause them to lose votes. It's no longer the party of Lincoln, the party of big business, or the party of the Cold War. By associating with former Southern Democrats and Born Again idiot preachers, the Republican Party is going towards the lowest common denominator with a shrinking voter base. Sooner or later by 2020, Arizona and Texas will be Blue States because more Latinos will be citizens and Democrats, and Republicans would eventually wind up like the Whig Party, GONE! 

Until the Bill is repealed, BOYCOTT ARIZONA!!!

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