A call to action

A call to action
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Friday, April 2, 2010


Only crimes:


They should be concentrating on the following types of assholes, like:

Phillip Garrido

Was supposed to serve a 50-year Federal Sentence for kidnapping. He served only 10, and three years later kidnapped 11-year old Jaycee Dugard. He raped and held her hostage for 18 years while his Federal and State Parole Officers stuck fingers in their collective asses.

Brian David  Mitchell

Father molested him when he was little. While pretending to be homeless and Christian, he kidnapped Elizabeth Smart from her home, kept her hostage for nine months, and raped her 3-4 times a day. Thank goodness she did not get pregnant.

Joseph Edward Duncan III

His mother had incest with him. Kidnapped, raped, and killed Anthony Martinez as he tried to save one of his friends from Duncan. Duncan later killed Shasta Groene's two brothers, mother, and mother's boyfriend, and was taking her hostage and raping her.

Charles Samuel (NOT a sex offender)

The L. A. D. A.'s office botched this case, because they didn't bother looking up ALL of Samuel's past convictions. He later kidnapped and killed Lily Burk for drug money.

Anthony Sowell

Raped and killed 11 women, and maybe more. Cleveland Police sat on his case, because the pigs had the Don Imus Syndrome as in "... they're n---y headed h-s". Even if the Black women were in fact drug addicts and prostitutes, that doesn't give the Cleveland Police or any police force to disregard the victims because of their race or because of any illegal activities they may or may not do. 

Jarred Harrell

His father married his eight-year old sister. The Clay County Sheriff's Department sat on the case and on their asses after taking Harrell's computer for child pornography. Weeks after the Sheriff's took the computer, Harrell raped and killed Somer Thompson, whose body was found in a dumping ground in Georgia.  

John Albert Gardner III

He was molested when he was little, and also suffers from ADD and Bipolar Disorder. The psychiatrist wrote to the Court and said he should serve 30 years, not six. Instead of doing two years at Atascadero, he gets paroled, and like Garrido, does not get properly supervised. Repeatedly violates Parole, and while on Parole, he was "Jason the Stud" on Myspace. After finishing Parole he kills Amber Dubois in 2009, and two months ago, he kills Chelsea King, near his mother's house. He also did not register all of his residences pursuant to Megan's and later Jessica's Laws. 


If we go as far as declaring him a "sex offender" in Floriduh of all places, why don't we have Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus busted and have them declared "SEX OFFENDERS"?!!! (As in is Hannah Montana related to Tony Montana?)

The reason I quoted from is because we need to stop the insanity, and the hysteria. There's no talk about preventing abuse victims from later becoming abusers, and nothing under Jessica's law prevents them from "visiting" their mothers, or from going to place-to-place. This is in addition to forcing them to be homeless or living in the middle of nowhere. (Garrido also was living in the middle of nowhere; he traveled over 500 miles across the State to kidnap Jaycee in the first place.) Laws like Jessica's Law are full of loopholes and is designed to help no one. It didn't save Jaycee, Chelsea, or Amber, so what makes any stupid person think that it "protects kids"? It doesn't. It also includes persons who otherwise committed in other times what would be minor offenses, like sexting, statutory rape (as in an 18 year old with a 16 year old), public urinating, streaking (as in solely taking off your clothes, not being a weenie-wagger), etc. 


Idiots who make these Nazi laws should just go back home and fuck their wives and husbands. They don't need to make laws and stupid ballot initiatives that deprive the rights and lives of the people. In the Gardner case, he should have been sent to Atascedero immediately after doing his prison time.

These laws should be repealed, not adding more stupid initiatives after stupid initiatives.
From ABC News:  

'Sexting': Should Child Pornography Laws Apply?

Legal Debate Springs Up After Man Put on Sex Offender List for Forwarding Risque Images

Three states -- Nebraska, Utah and Vermont -- have already changed their laws. Fourteen other states, including Florida, where Alpert lives, are considering changes.

"We have a House bill, 1335, that is -- has been proposed," said Walters. "It would treat sexting as a non-criminal offense. In other words, a child or a teenager who sent these pictures or created the pictures would get a $25 fine and be forced to do community service. That would wake them up to the fact that this is an illegal activity and they shouldn't be doing this, this is wrong. And then if they do this a second or a third time, the punishments go up. That, in my view, is an appropriate way to approach this."

Adler talked about how the cases might be tried.

"Depending on the facts of the case, I would say a lot of these cases shouldn't be heard in court at all," Adler said. "These are cases where teens are engaging in bad judgment, which teens have always done, and suddenly finding themselves caught in the web of the criminal law because, whereas previously they may have engaged in inappropriate sexual banter on the telephone, now there's a photographic record of that sexual banter, and that is what triggers the scrutiny of child pornography law."

For Alpert, it means he's on a sex offender registry until the age of 43.

"This will follow me around for the rest of my life," said Alpert. "My probation is up, that'll be three years. I then have 20 years on the sex registry, and then I can petition to be taken off of it, and then can be approved or denied. When I am a 20-year-old kid and I explain that I am a sex offender, it's bad. When I am a 40-year-old man and I explain that I am a sex offender, it's going to look a lot worse."

Sexting: Charge Girlfriend, Too?

Technically, Alpert's ex-girlfriend also could have been charged for taking the pictures and sending them to Alpert, but she wasn't. And he's glad.

"I always say that I can't say it to my ex-girlfriend specifically, but I want to reiterate that I am sorry," said Alpert. "I really am, and it's not because I'm a sex offender, because I got kicked out of school, because I'm on probation, I can't go to the beach, whatever. It's because what I did and I'm sorry for it. And I mean, I said it. I can't do anything else besides say I'm sorry over and over and over, and I don't think it's enough, but it's all I've got right now."

On the day he met with "Nightline," Alpert was preparing for a college interview. He needed to convince administrators he's not a danger to other students in order to be admitted.

"It was a 16-year-old girl who sent me pictures when I was 17," said Alpert. "What I did was stupid, and it was mean and it was angry and it was deviant. But it was not sexual in my mind. I wasn't thinking clearly. Well, the argument could be made, 'if he wasn't thinking clearly once, he could not be thinking clearly again.' But I have certainly matured enough and I have worked hard trying to understand why I did what I did."
He and his lawyer hope the change in law -- if passed -- will be retroactive for Alpert. But until that time, he will be the face, at 20 years old, of a sex offender.

The Florida prosecutor's office didn't feel the same way. In a statement to "Nightline," the prosecutors defended their position, saying "in the criminal prosecution of defendant Phillip Alpert, we were bound to follow legislative intent of the law. That means Phillip Alpert remains a registered sex offender until he's 43 years old."



Florida and Cuba are similar in that:

1. They both deprive the rights of the people.

2. They both get purintanical.

3. They both deprive freedom of expression.

4. They both deny the right to vote.

5. They both engage in racial profiling.

6. They both deny civil rights and due process.

If the Republicans like the way things are in Floriduh, they're no better than the Commies in Cuba. Jessica's Law didn't save Somer Thompson, does it save anybody else? Ask Chelsea's and Amber's friends.

As for otherwise minor, and "superminor" offenses, let's quit being Commies, Nazis, and McCarthyites, and actually protect the youth of this country, and also prevent abuse victims from being abusers. If we don't do this, DICE UD. AL COMRADE FIDEL! BUENAS NOCHES! 

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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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