A call to action

A call to action
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He raped Jaycee at least twice. He should be completely severed from any and all ties with the kids he procreated. The only obligation to them is TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT; ALL OF IT!!!!

From the McClatchy web site:

Jaycee Dugard blocks attorneys from meeting with daughters

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By Sam Stanton
Sacramento Bee

SACRAMENTO — Jaycee Lee Dugard's attorney says Dugard will not allow the children she had with accused kidnapper Phillip Garrido to meet with attorneys a court has appointed to represent them, and is asking that no information about them or their whereabouts be released.

The development comes as an El Dorado County Superior Court judge is preparing for hearings next week over whether attorneys for Phillip and Nancy Garrido can have any contact with Dugard, who was forced to have children with Garrido after her 1991 kidnapping when she was 11.

Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said in court documents filed Tuesday that Dugard is asserting her rights under the California Victims' Bill of Rights, passed as Proposition 9, or Marsy's Law, in 2008.

Judge Douglas Phimister appointed two attorneys on Feb. 26 to represent the interests of the children and had asked that they be allowed to meet with the girls, but Holley said in the papers filed in Placerville that Dugard would not allow the meeting.

Hearings in the case - one closed to the public and a later one open - are set for April 15 in Placerville.

Dugard, who allegedly was held by the Garridos for 18 years before she was found safe in August, has told authorities she wants no contact with them.

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