A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Steinberg is the State Senate President Pro Tempore. Abel Maldanado has not been confirmed yet, so Steinberg is next in line.

As stated in

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CSOMB - Recommendations Report (January 2010)

So why are they not hiring actual people who treat sex offenders? The board is stacked against sex offenders from the start, you are doomed to fail, especially with people like this DA, whose mind is apparently set that all sex offenders are evil, which is not the case, and any sex offender expert can tell you that, yet they continue to lump all offenders into one group and treat them all as if they are all child molesting, pedophile predators who go around killing kids, which is not true either. The should be monitoring the truly dangerous. From this article, there are 88,000 sex offenders in this state, and only 1,700 are sexually violent offenders. So if they monitored 1,700 instead of 88,000, then they'd actually accomplish something, but they like to treat all offenders as if they are all sexually violent. [If they concentrated on assholes like John Albert Gardner III, and sent him to Atascadero, two teenagers would be alive today.]



One of Napa’s own will join the ranks of officials shaping state policy regarding sex offenders.

Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein will be sworn onto the Sex Offender Management Board at its meeting this month.
- If you look at the members at the link above, you can see, it's pretty much stacked against sex offenders from the start.  It's mainly lawyers, DA's, probation/parole officers and police.  Who are mostly all biased from the start.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (Contact) office contacted Lieberstein to ask him if he would be willing to join the board, he said.

The governor’s office announced the appointment Tuesday.

I’m happy to serve in any way that I can to contribute to public safety in the state, particularly in regard to sex offenders,” Lieberstein said.

The board reviews and oversees potential policy changes regarding sex offenders. Its nearly 20 members include criminal justice and mental health officials from across the state.

Lieberstein said that when he was a deputy district attorney, much of his case load involved prosecuting sex crimes.

I understand from my experience the danger this particular class of citizen represents to our society and communities,” he said.
- You see, he's lumping all offenders into one group, assuming all are a danger to society, when a vast majority are not.  Less than 5% in almost all states, are truly dangerous while the other 95% are not, yet they treat them all as if they are all dangerous.

Sex crimes have an impact on victims that often lasts their whole lives, even if the case is prosecuted successfully and the victim receives therapy, he said.

Sex offenses in general, and most particularly against children, short of murder, are among the most horrific crimes that we see,” he said.
- I've often hear it stated, that eventually, the laws are going to be so harsh, that those who do harm a child sexually, will just wind up killing the kid so they do not have someone to identify and speak out against them. I pray to God this doesn't happen, but it is a possibility. [When you raise penalties, there is a tendency to kill the victim, because if you eliminate the victim, the predator will believe nobody would speak against him. Gardner's victim in 2000 didn't testify, but he killed two teenagers, since he probably thought that he would be sent back to prison again. The GOP is wrong because it assumes that higher punishments would stop the predators. However, predators are not the "prudent man on the street". In other words, they're not normal, and they don't think like the rest of society.]

Laws in place that require registration and monitoring are an important part of preventing the crimes, he said. Studies show that sex offenders often have more than one victim, he said.
- But that is a false statement. Registration and monitoring doesn't PREVENT anything.  A true predator who is dangerous is going to commit a crime anyway, if that is their intent. [Ask the family and friends of Chelsea King. Ask the family and friends of Amber Dubois. Gardner's residence might as well be the Escondido Freeway.]

They’ve shown by their prior conduct that they need to be watched closer than the rest of us,” he said.
- Again, lumping all offenders into one group!

Lieberstein has served as district attorney since 1998. He previously worked as a deputy district attorney from 1985 to 1998.

He is president of the California District Attorney’s Association and is also on the National District Attorneys Association board of directors.

Lieberstein said he hopes the relationships and experience he builds through national and state connections will benefit Napa County.

His obligations require a balancing act, but they are worth it, he said.

Lieberstein’s experience makes him a good match to serve on the board, said Mike Naples, a spokesman for the governor’s office.

The governor appoints the most qualified individuals to serve the people of California, and Mr. Lieberstein certainly falls into that category,” he said.

There is no salary for his service on the board. [No, but Liebershit can run for State Attorney General someday! I think that Gardner was let loose, so that we would have more fascist laws in this State and the United States. We all knew who burnt the Reichstag--REICHSFURHER HERMANN GOERING!!!] (Emphasis added.)

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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