A call to action

A call to action
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Monday, November 16, 2009


In yesterday's post, El Dorado County D. A. Vern Pierson also called Phillip Garrido a "MASTER MANIPULATOR". The question that begs everybody, why must Phillip Garrido be convicted?

Garrido has to be convicted. He not only kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, he stole her from the two parents that loved her,Carl and Terry Probyn. Jaycee was feared dead by them and the South Lake Tahoe community. If Garrido could do it and possibly get away with it, then it would not stop any other predator from kidnapping and raping and/or killing anybody else's child(ren).

Garrido also uses God in feign claiming repentence, and then he does it again. When he kidnapped Katie Calloway Hall, the casino worker, he was talking about God on the way to Reno where he was going to rape Hall at his storage place. He talked about God at his Federal and State Sentencing Hearings in Reno. All the way to his arrest in late August 2009, and even while in the El Dorado County Jail, Garrido claims he turned to God when he sent recent letters to KCRA-TV.


Garrido is using his God-act to get out of jail again, AND KIDNAP, RAPE, AND KILL ANOTHER CHILD! HE MAY ALSO MURDERED MICHAELA GARRETT, AND ILENE MISCHLOFF, BUT GARRIDO WON'T SAY EVEN IF HE WAS TIED TO THEIR DISAPPEARANCE! Garrido is NOT crazy. A crazy person would be so disjoined, he may leave a mess, or he may even miss.

Garrido used God, in part, to get out early. He told people he knew that Jaycee was "his from another relationship". When the neighbor's kid seen Jaycee at the "compund", Garrido built the eight-foot high fence, probably without pulling the permits. His sound-proof recording studio was the place he raped Jaycee very often. Each time Garrido was asked whose kids that were at his house, he lied like an asshole, and said they were his brother's kids. He had Jaycee and the daughters he fathered home-schooled, because he didn't want the teachers and doctors to report Garrido's sorry ass. He did all of these acts for a reason:


He was like a dog. He was territorial. He used Jaycee and the daughters as PROPERTY. Nobody can have them. Not Jaycee's parents, not the cops, not the parole officers, not TV shows like "America's Most Wanted", etc. A crazy man doesn't take acts as organized like he has for the 18 years he held Jaycee hostage. In fact, since at least 1976, Garrido has used his life as a "cat-and-mouse" game. He wants to be found not guilty, or get a short sentence, or find a way to get out early, so he can rape again.

Garrido is NOT a God-fearing man. In one of my previous posts, I called him "SATAN, ..., PIED PIPER OF BABYLON, ..." as well as a "MASTER MANIPULATOR", because Garrido was Satanic, deceiving, lying, manipulative, and will seek to game the system as he done before. He can't do this again. He'll do it again. Why?

Brian Mitchell did something similar by kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, and he did similar acts to Elizabeth, including concealing her in an Arab dress, changing her name, and moving her to San Diego County. Mitchell also didn't want to be caught with her. Mitchell, who was excommunicated for apostasy, should have been excommunicated for spousal abuse and child molestation. When the LDS Church still used live actors for its Endowment Ordinance at the Salt Lake City Temple, he caught carried away in his role as Satan. In addition to molesting his own kids, his first act as a juvenile was to expose himself at 16. Mitchell was also Satanic and manipulative.

What both Garrido and Mitchell share is that they lack self-control, which such a lack makes them a master of their own fates. Until they actually exercise self-control, all of their God-acts and hymn singing are all just acts to help them get out of jail.


It is imperative that Garrido, Mitchell, and every known predator, should be locked up and thrown away the key. In case of Garrido, the Police, the parole officers, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the U. S. Parole Commission, the California and Nevada Departments of Corrections, the State and Federal Courts in Reno, etc., all know about Garrido's history. He has shown ZERO remorse in what he has done. The 11 years of the 50-year Federal Sentence didn't stop Garrido from kidnapping Jaycee.

Phil, you don't need a lawyer, you need a Priest to cope with your lifetime of incarceration you will serve, and this time, no parole board in the State of California will ever in a public hearing will ever vote to grant parole. In fact, if parole is ever granted, you will be sent to Atascedaro State Hospital, where given your history of committing sex crimes, YOU WILL NEVER, EVER GET OUT OF THERE, EITHER!!!

50 years meant release in 2010, not 1988. Like Richard Allen Davis, who kidnapped, raped, and murdered Polly Klass, Garrido fucked it up for everybody.

The REAL HEARTWARMING story is that Jaycee and her two daughters are back with their family. What Phil will have to fear is that somebody in prison would kill him or worse, even rape him. May the Lord have mercy on Garrido.


  1. FYI from what I read Mitchell never abused his own kids, he abused his stepkids. He was married three times. He raped his forst wife at least once, he sexually abused his three stepdaughters from his second marriage & made sexual advances toward his third wife's daughter. He also killed his third wife's kids' pets, shooting a pet dog in front of one of his stepsons & making his stepdaughter eat her pet rabbit for dinner.

  2. It goes to show that he should have been excommunicated for those earlier acts, and not wait till he writes his own bible. I don't blame the LDS Church as a whole for what local Bishops and Stake Presidents should have heeded and done. I also believe that somebody in his family sexually abused him when he was a child, but it still doesn't excuse for what he did to Elizabeh.