A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, November 14, 2009


O. K., no, I did not copyright my blog, nor did I have a trademark of "MASTER MANIPULATOR" when describing Phillip Garrido.

In today's L. A. Times, Maura Dolan authored a story that was made in response to Garrido's letters to Sacramento's KCRA-TV. Here is the Article with my comments in brackets:

"Phillip Garrido, accused of kidnapping and raping Jaycee Lee Dugard, is a 'master manipulator' who wants to 'control' his victims, El Dorado County Dist. Atty. Vern Pierson said Friday.

[I first called Garrido a "MASTER MANIPULATOR" back in September. I'm not accusing the D. A. in Placerville, California of stealing anything. Hey, I want to Garrido locked up,and thrown away the key. He'll do better than the Reno District Attorney or the Reno U. S. Attorney for what they tried to do.]

"Pierson made the written statement in response to three letters that Garrido sent from jail to Sacramento television station KCRA.

"In the most recent letter, Garrido said he wanted to 'apologize to every human being for what has taken place.'

"He wrote that Christ had helped cure him of a sexual problem.

[Christ has not forgiven him as far as I know. Matthew 18:6 says:

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

That means Garrido should have READ HIS BIBLE, AND REPENTED OF HIS SINS!

There's nothing in the Bible that says you can steal a kid, let alone commit any act of rape, and keep the child away from her parents for years.

Christ did not repeal the Law of Moses; he only fulfilled it. He did oppose the death penalty, or advocated that criminals like Garrido get a slap on the wrist. Garrido Elizabeth Smarted everybody, including the U. S. Parole Commission, so that he could get out of Prison earlier than he was supposed to. Part of the reason why Garrido got early was because of the Reagan-appointed U. S. Parole Commission gave Garrido a private 35-minute interview without consulting Kathy Calloway Hall, his rape victim, nor allowed the public to hear what remorse Garido claimed he had, and the deliberate process thereafter. Garrido practically had multiple "Get-Out-of-Jail-Free" cards, and like drug kingpin George Jung, he learned from his fellow prisoners on how to use them. He repented like shit!] 

"'People all over the world are hearing testimony that through the spirit of Christ a mental process took place ending a sexual problem believed to be impossible,' Garrido wrote in a letter that the station received Thursday.

[What! His Blog,!! Since Jaycee was found, that Blog is full of comments urging Garrido to die.]

"Pierson said his office decided to respond because Garrido appeared to be trying to 'control the situation around him and his prior victims.'

[Garrido wants to get out of Jail. He probably wants Nancy free, and Jaycee to miraculously come back with her two daughters. If he can't be bailed or found not guilty, he'll do everything to manipulate the system, including getting the Judges, Prosecutors, and the victims to drop the charges or get a lesser sentence. It won't work. More about this later.]

"The district attorney noted that Garrido previously has sought leniency 'due to claims of religious transformation and alleged personal change.'

"Pierson called Garrido's newest statements to the media 'eerily similar to what Mr. Garrido told the judge who sentenced him in 1977 and to the parole board when he duped them into releasing him from prison after serving only 11 years of a 50-year federal sentence and 5-to-life Nevada state sentence. It has become clear from Mr. Garrido's repeated calls and letters that he is attempting to manipulate the process, the people involved in that process, and, most significantly, his prior victims.'

[I don't have his Nevada State or Federal Transcripts, but Pierson's Office does. If Garrido's repeated mantras work, he may be free sooner or later, but, IT WON'T WORK THIS TIME! HE KIDNAPPED AN 11-YEAR OLD GIRL, RAPED HER REPEATEDLY, AND KEPT HER IN PRISON FOR 18 YEARS AWAY FROM HER PARENTS. In Europe, he's compared as the "American Fritzal", after the monster who kept his own daughters in a basement dungeon FOR YEARS!!! This case is like the Elizabeth Smart case times 24. She was three years older and knew how to get out of the situation. Jaycee didn't, and was completely brainwashed and manipulated by Garrido. She's still in seclusion, and will not "see a lawyer", or do anything to make Garrido jack-off for.] 

"Garrido is accused of kidnapping Dugard, now 29, when she was 11 and confining her in a ramshackle set of buildings and tents in his backyard in Contra Costa County. Authorities said he is the father of Dugard's two daughters, ages 11 and 15.

"Garrido's wife, Nancy, also faces kidnapping and rape charges.

"'Our office fully intends to hold Mr. Garrido legally accountable for his actions and see that he is punished to the full extent of the law,' Pierson said."


Original Article Copyright © 2009, The Los Angeles Times
It goes to show that Garrido is at it again in trying to manipulte the system, and everybody involved in it. Garrido has attracted not only statewide attention, but worldwide attention, because of similar crimes in Europe, and also in particular, the Elizabeth Smart case. No sane Judge, Juror, Prosecutor, or anybody else is going to let Garrido out again. He hasn't repented worth squat. Despite getting off of his 50-year and five years-to-life sentences, Garrido has blatantly showed his recidivist behavior, and should not be allowed to walk out of a jail cell again. 

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