A call to action

A call to action
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Sunday, November 29, 2009


From Fox 13 News:

"SALT LAKE CITY - The accused kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart is a master manipulator, said his ex-wife in an exclusive interview with FOX 13 News. Debbie Mitchell talked about the character of her ex-husband, 56-year-old Brian David Mitchell, a former street preacher, who is scheduled for a competency hearing in court on Monday.

"Debbie was married to Brian for five years and she said he acted differently around other people than he did with his family.

"'He was one way in front of other people and another way behind closed doors,' said Mitchell, who was married to Brian from 1980 to 1985.

"Mitchell also said her ex-husband was controlling and abusive.

"'What Brian does is he gets you to trust him, and then he gets you to love him, then he gets you to obey him, and then he gets you to follow him,' she said.

"Debbie said Brian sexually abused their two children and also her three other children from a previous marriage. She said she documented everything that happened.

"'I reported to four different agencies, plus the doctors knew,' she said. 'They were very well aware that my little 18-month-old was being molested because of what she was doing.'

"She said she eventually disobeyed Brian. Their marriage then ended up in a divorce in 1985. Debbie said on the day of her divorce, Brian married Wanda Barzee, who later became his alleged accomplice in the kidnapping of Smart.

"When Smart was kidnapped in 2002, Debbie said she knew it was Brian and had her former bishop call the Smart family. Smart was discovered nine months later on State Street in Sandy and police arrested Mitchell and Barzee.

"Mitchell has since then been declared incompetent and faces a hearing in federal court on Monday about his mental state and whether he should be forced to stand trial. Mitchell at numerous hearings has sang in court and has been asked multiple times to leave.

"Debbie said she thinks her ex-husband's singing in court is all an act and that he is a master manipulator.

"'He can get away with that and he's chosen to do that because he knows if he sings they're gonna tell him to go out, which I don't understand why they let him do that this many times,' she said. 'If any other person had done that they would have nipped it.'

"Last week, Mitchell's estranged wife, Wanda Barzee, pleaded guilty to the 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart and apologized to the Smart family. She struck a plea deal bargain with federal prosecutors that will likely give her a sentence of 15 years in prison with credit for the six years she has already been behind bars.

"Smart testified against Mitchell in his competency hearing last month, describing how she was taken from her bedroom in 2002 and held captive for nine months by the homeless street preacher and his wife. She described a daily ordeal of sexual assault and manipulation by Mitchell, who considered himself a 'prophet' and sought to make Smart a polygamous wife.

"Smart was ultimately returned to her family in 2003 when she was spotted walking down State Street in Sandy in the company of Mitchell and Barzee. Now 21, Elizabeth Smart is currently serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in France.

"FOX 13's Bob Evans has more.


The problem is that what sexual addiction does to people. It's worse when they molest children. Mitchell should have been excommunicated from the LDS Church, but he also should have done jail time for the molestations. When he kidnapped and raped Elizabeth Smart, Satan reared his ugly head. People should believe the victims and take immediate action. When no acion was taken, this was the result.
Mitchell should be locked up and thrown away the key.


  1. Heck I knew in 2003 that Mitchell was faking his "incompetency" to avoid jail time & that his defense attorneys were in on it. It should not have taken the doctors 7 years to figure out what the rest of us knew 7 years ago. It's disgusting that Mitchell has never been slapped with contempt of court charges for his disrupting the competency hearings. The judge had better grow a brain real soon.

  2. Well, I have not followed the Mitchell case as you have, but how did you know that Mitchell was faking it seven years ago?

    I DO believe he is faking it, because of how he alluded capture at Elizabeth's expense in the first place. Mitchell didn't want to be caught so he had Elizabeth dress like an Arab, changed her name to Augustine, and told her not to speak in public.

    A crazy person would be incoherent. An example may be "I kidnapped her because she was a Soviet spy, and the Vulcans were going to mind-meld her." Mitchell planned it! He didn't want to be caught. He created roadblocks to prevent him from being caught, and to prevent Elizabeth from being found alive.

    Mitchell is clearly a pedophile. He was clearly possessive of his victim; Mitchell believed that those lower than him were his sex objects.

    I believe Mitchell was molested by either his father, uncle, grandfather, teacher, Priesthood leader, or somebody. It is also no excuse, but unfortunatelly, that's how Ted Bundy got started.