A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, September 3, 2009


"In the end, this is going to be a powerful heart-warming story, one in which you're going to be really impressed, it's going to take world news."--Phillip Garrido, Interview with KCRA-TV.

Heartwarming my ass!

Both Phillip and Nancy Garrido should be in the General Population, but the Contra Costa D. A. wants them ALIVE for Trial. Yes, I believe in constitutional rights, but after they're convicted, they need a Priest. They are facing a total of a life term for what they did to Jaycee Dugard, but child molestation is NEVER, EVER heartwarming. Children are not objects, let alone sex objects. They belong to the parents, as long as they are righteous and law-abiding, otherwise, the children would go to foster care and be subject to adoption. 

If Jaycee's stepfather was involved (it is proven that he wasn't), then if the child was rescued EARLIER, she would be in foster care.

Children should be free to be children. Molestation is like rape, a crime of violence. It deprives children of a fun childhood, and fucks them up for life. Up until the 1980's, molestation victims were told not to talk about it, to "forget" the abuse, and in later years, such trauma mestitized into suicides, broken marriages, and in some families, molestors begat molestors. 

Jaycee and her two daughters will have the rest of their lives to DEAL, not forget what happened. I cannot give them the answers, let alone the right answers, to deal with being normal. I said in an earlier post that Garrido is a MASTER MANIPULTOR. Like Brian Mitchell, who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart a few years ago, Garrido LIED continually, making Jaycee believe that her parents were dead, don't care, and/or aren't looking for them. Well, I can tell you this, John Walsh is not a computerized image, and did not become the Host of "America's Most Wanted", because the pay was "good". His son, Adam Walsh, was kidnapped in a department store, and while John and his wife was on "Good Morning America", the Police found Adam's head. Jaycee's case was profiled in 1991 on "America's Most Wanted". America was looking for Jaycee, dead or alive. The only assholes that weren't looking for her were California and Federal parole officers, the Antioch Police, the Contra Costa County Sherrif's Department, and the Antioch Code Enforcement Department. Hell, Garrido's neighbors were calling the Police on him, and instead of doing the non-warrant parole searches, local law enforcement had their collective fingers up their collective asses. DUH!

If it wasn't for Federal law at the time, when Garrido petitioned to be freed on parole in 1988, Garrido, under current law, would had been released in 2019. He got married to Nancy to appear "normal" or a "changed man". When he got out in 1988, he stalked his previous rape victim.  He didn't change. He wanted to commit more shit!

He may have kidnapped and killed more children. The problem was that he was psychotic and sociopathic. 50 years should have meant from 1977-2027, not until 1988. He almost killed his first victim in 1977. I don't care. He needs to be executed.

Phillip Garrido should executed by any of the following methods:

1. Hanging by the neck.
2. Hanging by the neck, butt naked and let the birds eat him.
3. Beheading by axe.
4. Beheading by Guillotine.
5. Beheading by Guillotine face up.
6. Firing squad.
7. Firing squad, South Vietnamese style.
8. Firing squad, Utah style.
9. Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering.
10. On the rack.
11. Having his limbs chained to four horses, and telling the horses to giddy-up.
12. California or Nevada style gas chamber (and tell him to inhale). 
13. An electric chair named "Old Sparky".
14. Lethal injection.
15. Impaling him butt naked, and let the birds eat him.
16. Chaining him upside down, butt naked, and sawing him in the middle from the crotch down.
17. Hanging him by the balls, and then drop him from a cliff or the Empire State Building.  
18.  Hanging him by the balls, and burn him.
19. Tar and feathering him, pour gasoline on him, and light a match or flamethrower on him.
20. Necklacing.
21. Tie him to the ground butt naked, and pour honey on him, and then pour the ants.
22. Have him fight a gladiator till death.
23. Have him fight the lions.

Not acceptable:

1. Crucifixion.
2. Nazi or Soviet style camps.

Most of all methods are probably cruel and unusual punishment, but then again,Jaycee did not need to suffer all those 18 years.

We don't need NEW Megan's, Jessica's, or Masry's Laws. The police, except the UC Berkeley Police, didn't do their jobs, and if they did, Jaycee would have been home within a month or less. We need to revise those laws to help find predators quicker, and tell Police Officers that if the suspect is on parole, you don't need to call the Judge to get a warrant. SEARCH THE FUCKING PLACE!   

If more missing children are found alive, THAT WOULD BE HEARTWARMING!
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