A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I hope that Michaela Garrett and Ilene Mischloff are still alive. There are now bones buried and since unearthed. I hope it's not the missing girls. If the bones are recently human, Phil and Nancy Garrido will no longer face life in prison with no chance of seeing a parole borad. It woud be a little room in San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, California, where they will get their last meal, and in Phillip's case, a priest to give last rites (Nancy was supposed to be a Jehovah's Witness, but because of her acts, a pastor from that church may not even show up.), and then walk to a gurney, fully restrained, and then get a lethal dose of three deadly drugs through their veins, unlike the condemned guy in Ohio, where the guards couldn't find a vein. Unfortunately, Jaycee would be about 49 or older before Phil and Nancy get to that gurnee that used to be the gas chamber.

Unless the death penalty is declared unconstitutional in part or in whole, if the jury finds Phil and Nancy guilty of murder and gives them the death penalty (not in Jaycee's case), their Appeals would be automatically made to the California Supreme Court. Years after those Appeals are resolved, attorneys would have the option of either filing a Certiorari Petition with the United States Supreme Court, or more likely, file a Habeas Petition with the Federal Court, probably the one in San Francisco, and then appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and finally try (or try again) to the United States Supreme Court. After that, if the sentence is still upheld, there will be various "second appeals" until no Judge decides to even look at their Petitions. Phil and Nancy would then be executed for murder. However, Phil and Nancy are OLD. Phil is only 58 years old, by the time he could be executed, he at 78-83 may 1) not executed if there is no death penalty, or 2) dies a natural death. People like Richard Ramirez, Richard Allen Davis, and Scott Peterson may out live the Garridos.     

Then again, where are we at? Phil's parents would be dead. Jaycee and her two daughters have to survive their hell still. Michaela's and llene's parents, if worse comes to shove, may end up dying before Phil and Nancy. I could be on Social Security at that time, if it still exists. The problem is that between 1978 and 1986, the California Supreme Court refused to affirm all but four death sentences, and then after 1986, the Ninth Circuit decided to take a second look at many Habeas Appeals. Despite this, since two or more lawyers are required to represent the Defendant, court reporters are required to transcribe weeks, and possibly months of hearings, and appellate lawyers, mostly appointed, have to prepare Briefs of more than 250 pages, and then it takes a few years to reach oral argument. In all that time, it costs the State money to feed, bathe, and protect each of the State's 600 condemned prisoners. There are calls to have a death penalty moritorium in California, because it costs the State money that could go elsewhere. 

If guilty of murder, Phil and Nancy should die. The crimes that were done against Jaycee and her daughters are not subject to the death penalty. The problem is that who do the bones belong to, and how they got there. Some people say, "it's not uncommon to find Native American bones there."

Wait a minute

Why is that being said at all?

Are the Police in with the child molestors? Did these perverts get a slap on the wrist instead of State Prison time? Of course, Jessica's Law now has done more harm than good, but why are there a collection of child molestors up in Antioch and elsewhere in that area of San Francisco Bay? 

As stated earlier, the Garrido home may be the poster child for cities to annex unincorprated "islands", and after annexation, Code Enforcement Officers would go like attack dogs, and drag property owners to Court. These places serve no purpose. There is no reason to put up tents in the backyard. Places like the Sequoia, Los Padres, Angeles, Cleveland, and San Bernardino National Forests are places to put up a tent. The San Francisco Bay Area is not. People who engage in that behavior definitely suffer from mental illness. There's also the high fences, and of course, people knew that Phil was "not there" anyway. Because no investigation was done in 18 years, I believe that the police officers knew that child molestations were going on that portion of the Bay Area, and either participated in the molestations themselves, or didn't give a shit. 

Many of those perverts were on probation or parole. Why weren't these places searched? No Judge was required to sign anything. It also goes to show that all the Megan's, Jessica's, and now Masry's Laws won't help worth a shit. Until it is made a common practice to do Parole Searches, more children would go missing, and in most cases dead. 

I still hope that Michaela and Ilene are still alive. If the Garridos did kill any children, all bets are off. Get a rope, and it's not because of the New York City salsa.        

BTW, when Richard Ramirez greets you with "Hail, Satan!", he may be talking about Phillip Garrido.

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