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A call to action
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Saturday, September 5, 2009


"Phillip Garrido, the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting Jaycee Lee Dugard, was paroled by the federal government two decades ago after a 35-minute jailhouse interview in which he spoke of his crime, his prison experience and future plans, the U.S. Parole Commission said Friday."--Maura Dolan, "Federal parole officials released Phillip Garrido from 50-year sentence after short interview", Los Angeles Times, September 4, 2009.

The U.S. Parole Commission in 1988 was probably stacked with Reagan appointees.

They only used 35 minutes.

They didn't get the Trial Transcripts.

They didn't the Police and Psychiatric Reports showing the propensity for Garrido to commit sex crimes.

They just let him be transferred to a Nevada State Prison in 1988.

With the scant record, the Commission made the stupid assumptions:

"Oh, he's married."

"Oh, he's a model prisoner."

"Oh, he earned a diploma."

"Oh, he'll take care of his mama when he get's out."

His mother is senile, and probably did not know what the hell was going on.

He probably raped his mother too.


He was probably taught by other inmates at Leavenworth (Yes, the Federal Prison in Kansas) how to game the system, and how to do acts to get out early. Of course, he would have to be a good "model" prisoner, meaning he can't do things, such as attack the guards, or attack other prisoners. But to also get out early, he got married to Nancy, a relative of a fellow prisoner. He also used Mrs. Garrido, the senile mother, as an excuse to plead for mercy, telling the Feds, "I'll take care of her". Yeah, and he probably fucked his mother after he got out too.

There were people who believed that Garrido would do his actual time of 50 years for kidnapping his rape victim across State lines. There was 1) his Federal Judge, 2) the U.S. Attorney's Office in Reno, Nevada, 3) his State Judge, 4) the Reno District Attorney's Office, 5) his victim, and of course maybe others, like his father, who probably believed he wouldn't see his son free and alive again.

If 50 years was a California sentence, Garrido would have to do two-thirds, or 33 1/3 years and be released in 2010. "Early Release", if entitled to it, would mean 25 years, or 2002. To release him in 11 years, based on only 35 minutes with him, is dumb, stupid, idiotic, assinine, shitty, and comes into the category of "what the fuck?!!"

Remember, these were Reagan appointees, the "law and order" types. In California, parole hearings are PUBLIC. If the inmate is indigent, he/she gets a Court-appointed attorney, and most of the time, parole is denied. Hell, Manson Family member Susan Atkins was denied parole despite suffering from terminal brain cancer. It might be inhumane, but so was removing Sharon Tate's abdomen, and letting her bloody (literally) body and her baby die on her floor.

The U.S. Parole Commission really sat on it. By giving Garrido parole only after 11 years based on a 35-minute interview, it gave every woman and child the sentence of being subject to being held prisoner, being brainwashed, being molested, being penetrated, and to death. So much for "law and order".

I don't believe in what Manuel Garrido stating that it was "drugs" that caused his son to be a pervert. His son is still crazy today. Garrido is probably suffering from bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. He doesn't care. Either he best care or you throw him in and throw away the key.

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