A call to action

A call to action
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Friday, September 11, 2009


About two days ago, a sports columnist in the Orange County Register made fun of Jaycee's captivity by stating that she missed all the sporting events for the last 18 years.

She did NOT do anything to herself. She was kidnapped and raped by some asshole who should have been released from Federal Prison in 2010, not 1988. The Register believed that she could have simply called the Police, and got out sooner.

Have the Register reporters and editors been brainwashed? Oh, yes. They probably get their daily propaganda from the Clusterfuck Propaganda Channel. Yes, they don't want America, let alone Orange Countians, to think for themselves. It used to be that the Register was the equivalent of the Los Angeles Times in the news department, but before 1960, they used to share the same conservative viewpoint. Only the then Los Angeles Examiner, and the then Los Angeles Herald-Express was only slightly different, they used union help. The problem is that Clusterfuck or "Fox News" is catering to the Republican Party, which is now mostly people that used to be called "Southern Democrats". White Southern men from Red States (as of 2008) are generally ignorant bastards that should have stayed in school and later got a college education, except some of them were told to stay away from "liberal college professors". 

It should be noted that more Blacks and Latinos are being born in the United States. Like Germans, Irish, Italians, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, and other nationalities, we Americans should embrace our universal heritage, and live among as equals. If these Southerners want to go back to the days of "Leave It To Beaver", then hear this, the TV studio didn't film any scenes across town to show the Black and Latino kids at their school. The reality is that either Republicans quit trying to be a mostly White party, or the party will die as the Whigs did in the 1850's.  

The Register should fire its columnist and the editors who put the story about Jaycee not seeing the Angels beat the Giants in the 2003 World Series (and I hope the "Giants lose the Pennant" again). If not, then maybe Rupert Murdoch should sell his "Clusterfuck", and in the meantime, fire Roger Ailes and Bill O'Perverted for what may happen next. Like he did with Shawn, who was kidnapped and raped in Missouri for four years, O'Perverted would lack the balls, and claim "Jaycee did this to herself". If O'Perverted does this, Glenn Harold Hill Beck would not be the only asshole to suffer.

Thanks Keith, I miss you at KTLA and KCBS-TV!

BTW, Jim Hill should be the next Governor of Alaska.

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