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A call to action
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Friday, September 11, 2009


The Truth?

You want Jaycee to tell the truth about her 18 years with Garrido.

I'll give you the truth:

1. Jaycee is NOT Phillip and Nancy Garrido's daughter. She belonged to her mother and stepfather. The Garridos were total strangers to Jaycee; they were not absolutely related to her.

2. Phillip Garrido is a registered sex offender and is on the State Megan's Law website. Hanging around Garrido is like looking for bees to hang around with.

3. The U. S. Parole Commission let Garrido loose of after a 35 minute interview; He was sentenced to 50 years, and he got out in 11.

4. The Parole Officers, and Contra Costa County Sheriffs and Code Enforcement Officers, could have done a parole search, and Jaycee could have been home a lot sooner.

The Garrido case comes under the category of DUH! Garrido raped and kidnapped a casino worker in 1977. He also raped a 14-year old back in 1972, but was not convicted of that. For the Federal charge of interstate kidnapping, 50 years should have meant at least 33 years, not 11. However, because of Megan's Law, and now Jessica's Law, he had his residence with other registered sex offenders living right near him. The reason why Jim and Cheyvonne Molino's properties were searched, because Jim Molino was on Probation (something the Parole officers and Sheriff's Deputies could have done in the last 18 years to Garrido), and that child pornography could have been there. In other words, The Molinos could or could not be in conspiracy to traffic kiddie porn, AND to molest children. 

It should be noted that when there's a lot of sex offenders, and other probationers and parolees living around one another, there could have been a child sex ring, BUT it may not mean that there is one, or one proven to exist. People can say "this is like the McMartin case", but none of those Defendants in the McMartin case were ever convicted. There is CURRENTLY no proof yet of the Molinos involvement in kiddie porn or child sex ring(s). It is because of the poor police work in the first place, that not only Jaycee was held captive for 18 years, but Garrido raped and fathered her two children, and now they're looking for evidence, but unless you're not on probation or parole, EXPECT TO BE SEARCHED. No Judge will be required to interrupt his poker game or cocktail party to go sign a warrant.

As for the truth Cheyvonne Molino, Phillip Garrido is a big time pedophile who should be red-flagged in every prison like Charles Manson or Phil Spector. Furthermore, he should have been not released by the Federal Parole Commission at all. He should first go back and do the remaining 39 years left in his 1977 sentence, and do the entire time in a Federal Prison first, before doing any state time he's now facing. Jaycee belonged to her parents in South Lake Tahoe, and that is the truth!

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