A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am still peeved at why Jaycee Dugard was not rescued years earlier. It's called not doing their job. It's not doing their due dilligence. Phillip Garrido had a back yard. He was a parolee. When on Probation or Parole, he or she cannot demand to see a warrant, signed by a Judge, and probable cause or not, the police have a license to search the premises at will. Why? To accept the terms of one's Probation or Parole, the defendant has to waive some of his or her constitutional rights that everybody else has before being released. If the person has committed a crime while on Probation or Parole, the peace officer(s) have to intervene before further crimes are committed. If there are crimes or other violations, the Probation or Parole can be revoked, and if on Probation, he or she is brought before a Judge, and he could send the defendant back to jail or prison. If on Parole, the prisoner can be sent back to Prison under California law up to a year without seeing a Judge.

Parole officers, Sheriff's Deputies, and County Code Enforcement Officers could have stepped right in and searched without a warrant, and Garrido would have been in jail as early as 1991! I do apologize to Antioch Police and Antioch Code Enforcement Officers, since it has been learned that Garrido's house is not in Antioch City Limits; however, the Antioch City Council should be blamed for not annexing that unincorporated area. If annexed, that area could have been more safe, and Jaycee could have been freed years earlier.

I also stated in an earlier post that Garrido should have remained in Federal Prison and did at least two-thirds of his time. The fault should be on the U. S. Parole Commission, nearly all Reagan appointees, for letting him get out after spending 35 minutes with Garrido. Unfortunately, more conservatives will demand more restrictions like Jessica's Law, and further ramp up these perverts.

Now, I am a liberal, but I see no point in defending Phillip Garrido. As to Nancy, she should get less than Phillip, but not that less. She was seen snatching Jaycee, along with Phillip, so she should get no less, but as for the rapes, unless she was "holding down" Jaycee, she should testify against Phillip, if she wants any years off her sentence. Phillip would not even let Nancy talk to her family in person or on the phone. In some ways she was also a victim as much as a perpetrator. 

I am in favor of monitoring and victim and parent notification, but to restrict these assholes on where they can live didn't stop Garrido. It was the Parole Commission that let him out early. It didn't stop Garrido from moving up and down Interstate 80 trolling for victims. When Garrido was living in unincorprated Antioch, he was living in a neighborhood of child molestors. As for parole searches, the State and the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office dropped the soap. In order to prevent more victims, and the fact that some of these sex offenders are parolees, then have one question for State and Federal Parole Officers:


If the complaint is "we don't have the money in the State Budget for this", I have a solution:


If you need more police protection? RAISE TAXES!
If you need more fire protecton? (Yes, we had fires lately.) RAISE TAXES!
If you need more prisons? RAISE TAXES!

DON'T RAISE TAXES?!!! Then conservative voters and politicians can join Sarah Palin--ON AN ICEBERG, AND DRIFT TO SEA! We don't need stupid laws, and no provision for more taxes to pay for the enforcement of new laws. Portions of Jessica's Law should be repealed in that restricting the perverts on where they live doesn't stop them. 

It didn't stop Phillip Garrido!    
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