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A call to action
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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Heard about this "heartwarming" story?

Yeah, and I'm Anne Frank!

I'm actually not, but one would have to be in Arrowhead Hospital's Ward B, or an inmate at Atascadero, Metropolitan, or Patton State Hospital to believe (if there's ever any truth to a sicko's story) in Phillip Garrido's story.

Garrido is trying to justify these facts and assumptions that:

1. He and his wife Nancy kidnapped Jaycee from her parents.
2. He twice raped Jaycee twice, at least, and fathered her two children.
3. He brainwashed Jaycee with lies, such as "don't tell or we'll kill you" or "your parents", and "your parents don't love you anymore, or else they would have came and got you."
4. Nancy Garrido didn't pick up the phone, call the Police, and did anything to protect Jaycee and her two children.
5. His thinking that if he can keep Jaycee and her kids in seclusion, the Police and parole officers won't come after him.

Phillip Garrido is Satan, the Devil, and definitely a MASTER MANIPULATOR. A person with such plans and crimes that he committed certainly can't be considered "insane" under California law. 

Garrido probably told Jaycee, "your parents don't love you anymore, or else they would have came and got you", because "your parents aren't looking for you."

Let's see, Jaycee's stepdad was chasing the getaway car on his mountain bike in 1991. Jaycee should be eventually told that the Police was looking for her, and that the entire City of South Lake Tahoe wanted her back alive. In fact, some places in that City built "memorials" to Jaycee, because a lot of people thought she was dead.

I don't think that Phillip and Nancy Garrido are the only ones at fault. 

There's the State and Federal Parole Officers. They could have barged in and found Jaycee long before she became pregnant.

There was the Sheriff's Deputies; they could have ran a rap sheet on Phillip Garrido, and found out he's on Parole, and barged right in. No Judge's signature was needed to search.

There was code enforcement officers. They could have interviewed the neighbors. Nobody lives in tents 24/7, unless they live in the middle of Africa. HELLO?!!!

This guy ain't going to be freed for quite some time. He faces 29 counts, including kidnapping, rape, and child molestation. As a Parole violation, he may be a prisoner of the Federal Bureau of Prisons for the next 40 years. He could have also molested Jaycee's children as well. Because of these charges, it is very risky to release them to the General Population; they'll die before Trial. I went to Garrido's Blog, and I wanted harm done. Child molestors should be put on notice that they will be in the same situation as the Garridos if they continue their behavior. There is nothing "heartwarming" about molesting a child. In the old days, they not only hung you by the neck, but they cut your stomach open, and let the intestines fall out of your body. I don't believe in vigilante justice, but the General Population does. After what he did, he won't be out, unless he's in a pine box.


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