A call to action

A call to action
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Sunday, August 30, 2009


 [This originally supposed to be a post for a Blog that would have been entitled "BLOGGING THE THIRD NUT! (OW!)", but I also used to call for the recall of Gov. Schwarzeneggar, but that's too late. I was going to post a Blog solely about Joseph Edward Duncan III, but I did not have any time in 2005, plus he did not return to Indio, California until this year. Because I am starting a generalized blog, I'll post what would have been my first post on what was "BLOGGING THE THIRD NUT! (OW!)"]

I am writing this Post, offline for now, but will be published soon, because I am sick of how some people in society are. I do not blame everybody, but I do blame those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
I name this post, Blog the Third Nut, because every man has two testicles. If one was actually born with “third ball”, or “third nut”, it is totally a useless piece of an organ that does not belong on the male body.
Those with a “third nut” are the people that are “a brick short of a load”, “not all there”, an “insane asylum inmate”, etc. These are people who you can’t get along with because either God allowed them to be born that way (but not to do evil, if you can help it), or your mommy took drugs that affected you in utero, or you engaged in behavior because Dad, Grandpaw, and/or Uncle So-and-So beat the shit out of you and/or raped you.
Speaking of Third Nuts, yes, I could have made a Blog on nutty people, like actor Billy Bob Thorton. Hell, he’s a likable guy. He may have gone nuts, because he was once married to Angelina Jolie, so I feel sorry for him, as well as for Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston. Hell, Jolie is not the first Hollywood slut to break up a marriage. Ask Debbie Reynolds. Liz Taylor broke up her marriage to Eddie Fisher, and she got married about eight times. This Blog is not about the celebrity nuts everyday, but they’re out there. 
This Post is in response to Blogging the Fifth Nail, a website posted by child molester, and murderer Joseph Edward Duncan III, an asshole, child molester, and murderer.
In the Riverside Press-Enterprise (August 4, 2005), it mentions that “When he was a teenager, Duncan’s father and mother divorced after a tumultuous that included fighting, incest, and infidelity…”
I don’t give a flying fuck how many times Junior used Joe III as “free pussy”. Because one was raped and molested as a little boy or girl does NOT, AND I REPEAT, NOT give that victim to be a molestor, rapist, and murderer.
I’ll give you a hyphenated word, “self-control”. One who doesn’t use self-control gets his dues by being called a pussy, because that’s what you are. (It also does not mean if you’re a woman, you can’t have self-control; every human being has that power.)
I do not have time to decipher tonight everything what “Happy Joe” scribbled on his Blog, but I will quote what he said that was repeated in the Press-Enterprise:
I HAVE been asking God to help defeat the demons. In fact, last night I was on my knees begging him, crying out loud to him, to help me. He didn’t answer again. The problem is I am loosing (sic) my religion…”
            He “lost” his religion by killing his first human being. His first murder may have been in Beaumont, California. The child was:
            This Post was developed because I heard on Nancy Grace one night in 2005 that this Shitty Joe kidnapped and killed Anthony. He was taken, because Shitty Joe was aiming for Anthony’s younger brother and sister. Anthony got in the middle by trying to stop it, but Shitty Joe took Anthony to “exact anger”.
            Why was Shitty Joe in Beaumont? Well, Junior was living in Highland, Northeast of San Bernardino, California. He pissed off his parole officer, anyway, so he was in hiding all of this time. The problem with why they did not find Shitty Joe in 1997? He was caught at his half-sister’s house in Missouri! I don’t understand why suspect’s fingerprints are not in a nationwide bank so that cops can prepare notes as to who is involved in what.
            Because Shitty Joe was not caught in time, and thanks to two Minnesota assholes, the D. A., and the Judge, for letting him out on a lowball bail, he goes to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, stalks, and then murders three people, Brenda Groene, 40, Mark McKenzie, 37, and Slade Groene, 13, and then kidnaps for his raping “pleasure” (sick) Dylan Groene, 9, and Shasta Groene, 8. Shitty Joe later murders Dylan in Montana.
            This Blog is dedicated in memory of:
MARK McKENZIE 1968-2005
SLADE GROENE 1992-2005
DYLAN GROENE 1997-2005 

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