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A call to action
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Monday, February 15, 2010


In an earlier post, I criticized Phil Garrido for wanting Jaycee Dugard to have a lawyer. I thought at the time that Phil wanted to jack off because he didn't see Jaycee since the arrest. 

That might be the reason, but there is a bigger reason--

Phil and Nancy want Jaycee to join as a united front to persuade some jury to believe that they acted as a "family", and would want to be found "not guilty" or get a lesser sentence as the reason why Jaycee was with them for so long.

Did they ask:

1. Terri Probyn?
2. Carl Probyn?
3. Jaycee's biological father (who wants to kill Phil and Nancy)?
4. John Walsh? (Jaycee's case was on America's Most Wanted in 1991. When his son Adam was kidnapped from a department store, he was found murdered, and at one time, John Walsh cried "they found my boy's head!")
5. The likes of parents of Shaun Hornbeck?
6. The likes of Ed and Lois Smart?

Jaycee had two loving parents. Phil and Nancy had no fucking excuse! They had no business being in South Lake Tahoe at all. No fucking sane Judge and juror is going to believe this heartwarming shit!!!

What part of rape and pedophilia is "heartwarming"? People with vengence on their minds might be satisfied to literally butcher rapists and child molestors, but even that is blood curdling as much as rape and molesting itself. Rape itself destroys families. The 18-year ordeal of Jaycee being missing caused her parents to separate. In South Lake Tahoe, they already had "memorials" for Jaycee. People who missed Jaycee for so long thought she was dead. Why? Because kids like Adam Walsh, Polly Klaas, Samantha Runnion, Somer Thompson, etc., were all murdered to "please" the sexual gratification of these pedophiles. There is absolutely nothing joyful about missing a son or daughter wrongfully taken from you. Phil and Nancy didn't know the Probyns. They didn't care what the Probyns thought when they took Jaycee away. Authorities even thought Carl Probyn had something to do with the kidnapping. 

Phil and Nancy are selfish bitches. The reason why they are in seclusion in the Placerville Jail is because there are inmates that will kill them without waiting for the Trial to be held first. In fact, I believe that there would be a change of venue, because 1) El Dorado County is so small that there might not be enough impartial jurors, and 2) too much publicity. Where would their trial be? Simi Valley? L. A. (site of Camp O. J.)? Santa Ana? San Diego? Even San Bernardino? The only place that no prosecutor would want a trial is in Riverside or Indio. Both are in Riverside County, and some criminal cases are being dismissed because some defendants don't waive their right to a speedy trial and there are not enough Courtrooms available anywhere in Riverside County. However, if their trial is moved to L. A. or Santa Ana, they'll be easy prey. Phil and Nancy's criminal acts are so vile to begin with, but didn't they think before plotted to kidnap Jaycee all of the consequences?

Phil and Nancy's tactics may have worked in the Middle Ages, but this is 2010. They're not Jaycee's parents. They're pedophiles, and  they should be locked up and have the keys thrown away.

As to El Dorado County D. A. Vern Pierson, he earlier questioned why the Feds also dropped the ball, and didn't discover Jaycee until they "terminated" Phil's Parole in 1999. I do have some answers for Pierson:

1. The Reno D. A.'s Office. When the Nevada District Court sentenced Phil, that D. A.'s Office erroneously told the Nevada Judge that Phil would have to serve two-thirds of his 50 year sentence he got in Federal Court. That might be true if the 50 years was a Nevada sentence, but that wasn't Federal law. The Nevada Judge gave Phil a concurrent five years to life sentence for raping Katie Callaway Hall in 1976.

2. Federal Law before 1985. Even though the Federal Sentencing Guidelines abolished parole, Federal law was more lenient. If one got something like a 50-year sentence, he or she can ask for early release in as early as 10 years. Like convicted drug dealer Carl Jung in the movie "Blow", Phil may have learned from his cellmates on how to "work the system". 

3. Reagan's U. S. Parole Commission. I blame President Reagan for this because all of the appointees on the Parole Commission were law and order Reagan's. Instead of having a public parole hearing like in California with the victim or his or her family present, Reagan's Parole Commission had only a 35-minute private interview with Garrido. Obviously, they didn't care the hell Hall to endure being raped repeatedly all night in a storage shed.

4. "I found God", "I'm married", "My momma's ill", etc. Phil used Heavenly Father, his ill mother, and the fact he married Nancy Bocanegra, a Jehovah's Witness, to con the Judges, Reagan's Parole Commission, and the Federal Parole Agents many of these reasons to get the lenient treatment he got between the day he was arrested in 1976, and in 1999 when his Federal Parole was terminated. I have a question about the Federal Parole Agents? Where the fuck were they when Phil and Nancy were in South Lake Tahoe back in 1991? Did they too also seen Jaycee and later her daughters? Was their supervision just as derilect as the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation?

5. The 1988 stalking incident. Also, why wasn't Phil busted in 1988 for appearing at Hall's workplace, a casino near Lake Tahoe? He was supposed to be at a halfway house that year, but made a visit to harass his 1976 rape victim. Hall believed that Phil was still in Leavenworth all of this time, not Lompoc where he was sent before doing a few months at a Nevada Prison. The problem is that the general public probably wasn't told that early release was available for Federal prisoners before the Guidelines were made into law in the mid-1980's. I too, like everybody else, was shocked to hear that Federal sentences as long as "life" or 50 years had no real meaning at all before the Guidelines were law.

It wasn't just the fault of Govs. Davis and Schwartefucker, Reagan, Bush, Sr., and Clinton were just as responsible for dropping one or more balls in letting a violent kidnapper and rapist go free. Had Federal sentences had any real meaning, and that if they had public parole hearings, Phil wouldn't be let out today. 

Now, the ball is in Pierson's court, and this time Phil's Public Pretender can't use the "Jaycee acted like a slut" defense like Phil's attorney did in 1972 (It wouldn't work anyway if it ever could be used. Jaycee was ELEVEN at the time of the kidnapping. Furthermore, rape is not started by a victim who may be "suggestive". She was a fifth grader. HELLO?!!!). Unfortunately, Terri Probyn may have to cry on the witness stand to explain the 18-year hell of missing her daughter. That impresses a Jury! The "heartwarming" defense of Phil and Nancy's may end up DEAD ON ARRIVAL on a Motion in Limine, because for the Garridos to win, they have to prove either they didn't do the crime at all or they had legal custody of Jaycee. 

It's like what the lawyer for Tony Montana told him, "... I'm an expert of proving reasonable doubt, but how am I gonna prove reasonable doubt when you have a videocamera staring at over a million dollars, and you can't convince a jury you found it in a taxicab?"

Phil and Nancy kept Jaycee and her daughters hostage for 18 years. 




  1. Should not feel guilty for your family. Sometimes it happens though in the drug rehab riverside

  2. Not on drugs. I'm not related to Jaycee Dugard. I'm pissed that Parole Officers, otherwise notorious for ransacking people's houses without a warrant, acted stupid for 10 years, and didn't rescue Jaycee and her daughters.