A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In a recent filing, Susan Gellman, Phillip Garrido's attorney, claims that Phil is "mentally ill", and that caused him to kidnap and rape Jaycee Dugard for 18 years.


Garrido may have not watched TV for years, but he is all but parroting Brian David Mitchell's strategy of falsely claim ing mental illness. In Gellman's papers filed today, she claims that Garrido's acts are signs of mental illness, and not acts to intimidate Jaycee. Gellman stated in her papers that Phil has a "complete lack of sophistication".

Let's see? "Lack of sophistication"? Phil has done the following against Jaycee and her two kids:

1. Built an eight-foot fence around his backyard without pulling permits to prevent his neighbors, and others from seeing Jaycee, and her two kids.
2. Prevented Jaycee and her two kids from going to school and seeing a doctor.
3. Lied to Parole Agents about the backyard.
4. Lied to Parole Agents about Jaycee's two kids, saying that they were his brother's.
5. Lied to Parole Agents about why he was on Parole in the first place, so that he could be a "low-risk offender". 

AND THAT'S JUST THE TIME HE HAD JAYCEE KIDNAPPED. It's doesn't include the acts in getting away with a 1972 rape, or all of his calls for leniency he concocted to get out of his 50-year Federal sentence he got in 1977 to begin with.

Phil and Nancy might as well wear Muslin garb, and panhandle in the streets, like Mitchell and Wanda Barzee did with Elizabeth Smart. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF ANY MENTAL DEFECT. Both Mitchell and Garrido used the same tactic. It's called deception. They didn't want to get caught, so they devised several acts in order to prevent Jaycee's and Elizabeth's rescue, and THEIR ARREST. How come Elizabeth was not found for nine months? Mitchell and Barzee forced Elizabeth to dress similar to a Muslim woman to hide her identity, and she was forced to use the name of "Augustine". The Garridos not only called Jaycee "Alyssa", but concocted all of these barriers to prevent Jaycee from escaping, and to keep Jaycee as their sex object and trophy. The person is a pedophile when the child they take and rape is considered an object, not a human being.

Phil and Nancy are probably going to end up with high-priced lawyers in the end, but not even Mitchell and Barzee have resorted to treating Elizabeth as "family". Phil's acts in trying to communicate with Jaycee are harassment, and even without Marsy's Law, the Judge should put an end with all of Garrido's bull shit once and for all.


  1. The way I see it, all criminals(especially sex offenders)must have at least a miniscule amount of insanity, otherwise why else do they do the things that they do? I don't know why it's taken so long to convict Mitchell, or why Mitchell & Garrido are allowed to play these stupid games. Garrido should never have been let out of prison, & Mitchell should have been incarcerated back in the 80s. I hope they both get killed in prison.

  2. I don't care what really happens to them. They're mentally sick, but they were completely devious. I'm not sure about Federal law, but in Garrido's case, he wasn't crazy when he committed his crimes against Jaycee. Yes, he may have "heard voices" but what told him to kidnap and rape Jaycee?


    He knew under California law that he did was wrong. Unlike Mitchell, he didn't use a burka. He used high fences and secret shacks, didn't make Jaycee and his two rape-product kids go to school, lied about the kids, lied about the backyard, etc. When I said he "Elizabeth Smarted the entire California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation", Garrido did far worse in 18 years than what Mitchell did in nine months.

    His attorneys are trying to simplify his case, but Garrido is doing more than what Mitchell done while in jail. Garrido is trying to still pretend that Jaycee and the girls are still his "family". That's because he kept Jaycee and her daughters as objects for so long, he got used to illegally raising them.

    Doctors can give Garrido the same meds as Barzee, but it won't cure his sex addiction. I think that Garrido's father, relative, teacher, and/or priest molested him and caused him to act the way he is, just like Mitchell's dad did. One is NOT born to be a pedophile, it is learned in one's environment. There's more to Garrido's life than we know, but it doesn't excuse the 18 years he stole from Jaycee's life.