A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, February 11, 2010


There have been thousands of diaries published before. However, the latest trend started on June 12, 1942, when a Dutch Jewish 13-year old girl received a diary as a birthday present. She wrote on the events occurring in her life. About a boyfriend that she later wrote had scorned her, and about another boy that wanted to take her out, and about the time she talked too much in class.

Then her older sister was ordered to report at the Westerbork Camp.

She would then spend about 26 months with six, and later seven others in hiding away from the Nazis until some Dutch Judass snitched on them to the Gestapo.

She died at 15 in Bergen, Germany, the country of her birth, of typhoid fever about three weeks before the British liberated the Belsen Camp.

Her name was Anne Frank.

Many others have written diaries about war, drug abuse, suicide, etc. In light of the fact that Jaycee Dugard kept a diary of what happened during the time she was kidnapped and raped by Phil Master Manipulator Garrido and his wife Nancy, she should publish her diary, and let her story air out in the open, and that she can use the proceeds from such a publication so that Jaycee and her daughters can be supported until Jaycee gets a job. Publication of her diary would also show that Phillip Garrido is a Master Manipulator, asshole, mother fucking, low-life, good for nothing son of a bitch. All that Phil is trying to do is to manipulate the case where people can take sympathy for the asshole.

Well, he Elizabeth Smarted the Nevada State and Federal Courts, Reagan's U. S. Parole Commission, Federal and State Parole Agents, the County of Contra Costa Sheriff's Department and Code Enforcement Officers. He only did 11 years off of a 50-year-to-life sentence. His sentence didn't mean shit, because he went ahead and conned everybody into believing that he is a changed man, and that he had no kids, etc. Jaycee's diary should be an expose of the asshole monster Phil Garrido really is.

After all, didn't an Amsterdam professor encouraged Otto Frank to have Anne's Diary published as stated in a newspaper article?


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