A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Earlier today, Wanda Barzee, the estranged wife of Brian David Mitchell, decided to plead guilty and agree to testify against Mitchell. 

It is because she helped kidnapped and raped Elizabeth Smart, she should do her duty to help the Federal Government put Mitchell away for the rest of his life.


I seen the repeat of the Oprah show last Saturday, and all of them have condemned Wanda the sick idiot. Why is she so sick? She has been diagnosed with a combination of bipolar disorder, and signs of schizophrenia. Instead of nuturing and protecting her kids, she demonized her kids and told them "I wished you weren't here and were dead...". The last straw was when her daughter Louree found out that Mitchell and Barzee cooked her pat rabbit for dinner, and told theier children that it was chicken.



In fact, Barzee smiled and smirked at her kids. Oprah near the end of show said that in all the animals, the females always protect their young.

Unfortunately, human beings are supposed to be above animals, but yet it shows that humans can choose to be assholes if they want to, and should be held responsible for the choices they made in their lives.


1. Chose to marry her first husband, another asshole.
2. Chose not to take her legal meds.
3. Chose to marry another asshole (Mitchell), a child molestor.
4. Chose not to listen and pay attention in Sacrament Meetings, Sunday School, and Relief Society in how to RIGHTEOUSLY raise your children.
5. Chose not to call her Bishop and law enforcement when things got rough for herself and her kids.

It should be noted that bipolar disorders can be passed genetically. Wanda may have been abused as a child, but SO FUCKING WHAT! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEGAT ABUSE!

People who are bipolar should be in State Hospitals. (NO, I DO NOT MEAN THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE THE STATE HOSPITALS GO BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE BEFORE THE 1960'S.) I'm sorry, but until they can be able to structure themselves, we don't need anymore homeless people, drug addicts, and drunks. Yes, the first Mr. Barzee and Mitchell could have made sure that Wanda took her Xanax or whatever was good and legal for Wanda, but they took advantage of her and her mental state. It also goes to show that people, like Mitchell, can take advantage of situations, like the sociopaths they are, and exploit the vulnerable. 

Maybe it's the too many episodes of E. R. that I watched over the years. (NOTE: it should be noted that Sally Field is NOT bipolar or schizoid in real life.) However, after seeing what happened to Abby's mother and brother, and seeing what I seen in real life from my bipolar sister and others, bipolar people should not be on the street, period. They tend to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, and lead unstable lives. Some of them constitute a good number of the homeless people on the street. Unless they can be put in a structured environment, State Hospitals should be home for the bipolar and schizoid population. Together, there would be less homeless people, less drug addicts, less drunks, less DUI's, less thefts, less panhandling, etc. Streets can be more safe, if you drop the "danger to themselves and others" bull shit defense. 

If people like her husband or in her own family would have encouraged Wanda to take her legal meds in the first place, Wanda would had not fed the family's pet rabbit for dinner, and she wouldn't be going out and run around in muslim burkas kidnapping 14-year old girls.     


  1. They dropped the state charges against Wanda Barzee because she agreed to testify against Mitchell. The federal charges did not include aggravated rape, the state charges did. So I guess that means that Wanda will not be facing sexual abuse or rape charges now. That sucks. Those state charges should never have been dropped. According to one of her sons(Derrick), she slept with another one of her sons. She is a sex offender just like Mitchell.

  2. Correct. Wanda needed to be structured, but her first husband and Mitchell took advantage of her mental illness and and exploited her. However, I believe that the mentally ill can still help themselves, and excuses to not take medication are just bull shit. Leaving them on the street also does a disservice to all the communities of the United States, and instead of marrying her first husband, Wanda should have been sent to Utah State Hospital from the get go.