A call to action

A call to action
If you don't like the picture, BITE ME!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Or I got an excellent plan! Why don't we, before the National Socialist Tea Baggers take over again, and build concentration camps, that people, including minorities, go out AND BUY A GUN (PREFERABLY A BIG GUN, LIKE TONY MONTANA, AND CLARENCE BODICKER HAD)! 


The National Socialist Tea Baggers want to bring back "literacy tests".

Yes, the same ones that helped prevented Blacks from voting before 1965.

This means that the stupid cunts from places like Alasska, Kolorado, Okiehomie, and Texass want to go back to the segregationist days of Jim Crow, and Amerika Apartheid. 

Before Hitler built the camps, he also started first by segregating the Jews.

Let's review American History:

1865: North won, South lost.
1945: Allies won, Nazis and Japanese lost.
2008. Obama, Biden, and the Democrats won, McCain, that Stupid Cunt, and the Great Old Pricks LOST!

The National Socialist Tea Baggers are the same assholes who also want to have Obama impeached solely because he was "born in Munbossa, Kenya". The problem is that there is one birth certificate, and that one is in the State of Hawai'i Department of Vital Statistics. They also slandered his late mother by claiming he was born illegitamitely. SO!!!! Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Hawai'i about two years after Hawai'i was admitted in the Union! CASE FUCKING CLOSED!

The problem is that the Republican Party is nothing more than a shell of many Southern State Democratic Party organizations before the 1950's. In other words, the segregationsts left the Democratic Party in the 1960's and they then took over the Grand Old Dinosaur Party.

There is another thing about Southerners and by extension, Alaskans. There the ones who need the civics classes, the instructions on what the Constitution actually means, and they are the product of racist, dishonest parents, who feel that an education is not necessary. They are the White Trailer Trash who need to hit a brick wall, like Fred and Barney did in the Flintstones, before they have even a slight chance of coming to their senses.

As for Dago Guinea Wops like Tom Tancredo, I want to remind him of something else. My Italiano Grandfather on my sainted mother's side came to America, because he was poor, and he wanted to succeed. THIS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED BY IMMIGRANTS! If he doesn't like it, he and his supporters can all be locked in a room with nothing but chocolate milk and cheeses, while they watch the Diary of Anne Frank, West Side Story, and Gangs of New York, WITH ALL OF THE BATHROOMS LOCKED FOR 24 HOURS! If that doesn't work, Lord help us in this hell in a handbasket.

Remember, nobody could get a gun in Germany before 1933.


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