A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Testimony has now concluded in the Mitchell case. The Federal Court in Salt Lake City won't come to a decision until February 2010.

The problem is that Mitchell's psychiatrists keep saying that he is incompetent, delusional, and schizophrenic. The other problem is that Mitchell planned the kidnapping, but also concealed Elizabeth Smart's whereabouts to prevent her from being rescued, and to prevent Mitchell and Wanda Barzee from being caught.

This belies Mitchell's claim of incompetence. The reason why Mitchell wants to go back to Utah State Hospital and get "cured" is because if Mitchell was declared competent,Mitchell would be afraid that he would be killed in Utah State Prison, but that's not where Mitchell would go. The likely place would be Leavenworth Federal Penetentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. However, there's more than one medium or maximum security prisons in the Federal Prison System, and he might be afforded segregation facilities, because he is low on the "prison food chain". That means if you are a baby killer/child molester, an ex-cop, a snitch, a famous celebrity, or even just plain Gay, you would be likely raped and/or killed.

It is something Mitchell should have thought before kidnapping Elizabeth in the first place, but I think even Shirl Mitchell, his father, is hiding something. He introduced Mitchell to pornography at age eight, but I think Shirl molested Brian when he was a little kid.

Hell shit! Pedophilia is learned. Mitchell's behavior on inflicting pain on his own kids, and in the nine months he kidnapped Elizabeth is not a product of any mental illness. It's genesis is the same for physical abusers; "abuse begats abuse".

Shirl may be the only culprit, and/or somebody else also may have touched Brian. It could have been another relative, a Priesthood leader, and/or a teacher. The problem is that PEDOPHILIA IS LEARNED. It is impossible for Mitchell to have his brain tell him to kidnap a girl at knifepoint, and then rape her 3-4 times a day unless Mitchell's behavior comes from prior experiences. 

Mitchell's behavior has nothing to do with Mormonism. However, when the Church sent missionaries to Germany and Scandanavia (sic) as early as 1850, it was very possible without the Church's knowledge that some of its converts came from families that had centuries of incestuous interbreeding, mostly to keep the money in the family. When they emigrated to America, it didn't stop at Ellis Island or the Salt Lake Valley. 

Before the McMartin Case in 1982, unless somebody seen the culprit molest their own kid, or the culprit molested somebody else's kid, the culprit would probably be lynched first. Otherwise, the Judges and juries wouldn't believe the child victim over the parent or even the Catholic Priest, because child victims were treated like adult witnesses. If the kid got nervous, he or she would be discredited, because he or she was made into an instant adult, and revictimized all over again. Despite the fact that nobody was convicted in the McMartin Case, child molesters were finally treated like the bogeymen that they are. 

The problem is that the McMartin Case didn't stop the molestors, and it also didn't stop them from killing their victims as well. Samantha Runyon was kidnapped, raped, and murdered yearts ago by a molester, who months earlier was found not guilty of molesting another young girl. Then there are adult rapists who are recidivists, like Richard Allen Davis, who killed Polly Klass. The problem is that pedophiles and murderers come from dysfunctional families whose parents should have been in jail, and have the keys thrown away a long time ago. 

To prevent further generations of victims, we need to throw Mitchell in the Federal Prison, and throw away the key. This case is also relevant to the Garrido case, since Phillip Garrido wants to make the case for his "heartwarming" story when Garrido has a history of sexual abuse, but hides "behind God" to excuse his behavior. Garrido's acts are like Mitchell's times 24. If Mitchell does succeed in being found "incompetent" again, Garrido will also claim that's he incompetent as well. The thing that will shock anyone is Garrido made several plans, and said several lies that he "Elizabeth Smarted" the entire Parole Division of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. I think somebody in the Garrido Famiy should also answer fr what they have done to Phillip Garrido. 

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