A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, December 5, 2009


After Brian Mitchell was arrested for kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, Mitchell told detectives that Elizabeth could "simply leave".

If that is true, then you have to believe in the following:

1. I am Anne Frank.
2. The British Parliament can change the Sun and te Moon.
3. Santa Claus will give me a big screen HD TV.
4. Mussolini is an honest man.
5. John McCain was treated well by the North Vietnamese.
6. Sarah Palin would accept the Nobel Prize for Physics.
7. Charlie Weis was rehired as the Notre Dame football coach.
8. The Geico Caveman will eat the Geico Gecko for dinner.

To recount Elizabeth's testimony, she was chained at the ankles, and was raped three to four times a day each day. If she called for help, especially when people were looking for. Mitchell promised to kill her and her family.

Mitchell's "free to leave" statement is 100% incredible. Mitchell not only planned her captivity, but also was very possessive. It is impossible for Mitchell to be declared "incompetent". 

Pedophiles act in a predator fashion. They always have an excuse, and anybody who the pedophile preceives as weak, he will dehumanize the victim as though he or she is an object. That is also why some child victims are killed, because they are objects to be lusted for. 

Mitchell's bad behavior started when he was exposed to pornography, and that he was possibly molested by somebody as well. Mitchell's behavior is learned, and not a product of a nonexistent "rare delousional disorder". Mitchell should be tried for the rest of his life.   


  1. Totally 100% agree. You should be the prosecutor or a witness in his competency hearing. Unlike the judges & defense attorneys you have common sense.

  2. Thank you. I usually do some criminal defense work for my law firm, but I don't see any defenses for Mitchell. Hell, I think NAMBLA ought to be banned.

    From a rights point of view, children and teenagers also have rights. Elizabeth didn't ask for it. Jaycee Dugard didn't ask for it. Neither did Somer Thompson or those women in Cleveland.

    Mitchell was such a danger, he should have been excommunicated when he first exposed himself. He fell within the Church's definition of a "predator", but it was not surprising that an apostate begats an apostate.

    Mitchell needs a Tom Cruise-type of an attorney (The one who played in "A Few Good Men", not a conversion to Scientology). He needs "the only friend he's got". Otherwise, places like Leavenworth would be his last address, and Federal Penetentiaries are worse than Maximum Security at Utah State Prison.