A call to action

A call to action
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Aside from my vent against Phillip Garrido, this Blog now joins the fight for truckers to be free from discrimination, to unionize, and for universal health care.

This case concerns Walter Ellis who was sued by Schneider National, Inc., who sued him to stop posting his complaints against Schneider. 

Let's see? True fascism in Italy stopped in---1943! That's right.

Fascism doesn't start with uniforms, rambling speeches, and concentration camps. Those are the worst after effects. Fascism starts when the corporations work in unison with the government. Of course, that also happened in Nazi Germany, but true facism starts when the government works in tandem with businesses. Schneider fits in that category when the seek relief in the Courts to surpress free speech. It also prevents Ellis from proceeding in his worker's compensation claim, and prevents him from filing suit for discrimination and assault and battery. Schneider even lacks the balls to deny that one of it's employees, Big Ass Brandon with the Funny Long Name tried to keep Ellis imprisoned at Schneider's terminal in Fontana, California.

No, if you are one of these Clusterfuck Propaganda ("Fox News") or Rushed Limburger fans, then FUCK YOU! I also work for my boss' client, Michael McArdle, and my long time compadre, Jack Gerritsen, and they don't need the persecution either. I will also post items against Schneider and Central Refrigerated, AND THEY WILL STAY UP HERE!

For more information, check on these websites:

My next entry is the Special Motion to Strike done for Ellis against Schneider

For more information on SLAPP suits, like Schneider's, go to:

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