A call to action

A call to action
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Thursday, October 1, 2009


She's going to preach the Gospel for 18 months. Yes!

What's still going to be hard for her for the rest of her life is being held captive for nine months against her will, and being raped repeatedly. 

Elizabeth Smart's case only lasted nine months compared to the 18 years of Jaycee Dugard. Not even Jaycee knew about Elizabeth's ordeal. 

The big problem with Elizabeth's case is Brian Mitchell. Mitchell has had along histrory of child and spousal abuse, which the LDS Church should have excommunicated a long time before he kidnapped Elizabeth. 

Like Phillip Garrido, Mitchell is also a MASTER MANIPULATOR. To avoid arrest for kidnapping and arresting Elizabeth, Mitchell forced her to have a new name, and made her wear a long white dress, a hood, and a veil. He wanted to also kidnap six other girls her age, and "marry" them, but he settled on Elizabeth instead.

I do not think Mitchell was or is insane. He had Elizabeth use her forced new name, and dress Arab-style, to hide her identity, and to keep her (too) close. She was featured on America's Most Wanted. If Mitchell wanted to be caught sooner, then Elizabeth would have been in normal clothes. He planned the kidnapping to happen. If it was a random act, then sanity may be a question, but planning on this "hide in plain sight" ruse was just that, a ruse. Mitchell is not insane, and should be tried for what he did to Elizabeth and her family. I believe that Mitchell is faking insanity, so that he won't do prison time, and face the general population who would kill Mitchell, even in Utah State Prison. 

There is nothing Mormon about what Mitchell did. Both Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee, should be tried and convicted for what they did. Elizabeth, until she was 18, belonged to the Smart Family. Mitchell and Barzee belong in prison, and I don't think that President Thomas S. Monson or his successors would give permission for either one to be rebaptized.

As for Garrido, he is also not insane. He and Nancy planned the kidnapping of Jaycee. He kept her hidden in sheds and tents, and raped her at least twice. He made it look like he had no kids, and no tents. He was in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas, and probably learned from other inmates on how to game the system, like George Jung did in the movie "Blow". He learned how to get married in prison, to arrange to get his mother taken care of, to not be a "bad prisoner", and to con the U. S. Parole Commission; all this so he can get out in 1988, not 2010. Because nobody knew that he kidnapped Jaycee in 1991, that same Commission fully discharged him (released him from Federal custody) in 1999. 

Before he serves any State time, the same Commission should revoke that discharge, and Phil should do the remaining 39 years in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 

50 years should have meant release in 2027, not in 1988. They do have a Federal Prison in Alaska.

"So dress warm", Tony Montana,Scarface.                

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