A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, October 10, 2009


When I was finding updates on the Brian Mitchell case, the search term on Google was "elizabeth smart pregnant".

Like I'm having a cow, man!

There must be a magic number for stupid people called "9". Maybe it is same pronouncation as the German word for no as in "nein". Maybe because in a normal pregnancy it takes nine months to have a baby, therefore the only reason why Elizabeth Smart was "kidnapped" was because her father, Ed Smart, found out that she was "pregnant", and hired Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee to do the "job".


First of all, a lot of people don't understand her beliefs. To most people, Mormonism is not what believe is in their Mormon neighbors or in Salt Lake City.

These ignoramuses look at El Dorado, Texas instead.

That is where Warren Jeffs took his apostate group of followers, and blatanty reject current Mormon doctrine. The reason why these apostate women were not allowed to cut their hair is because they have to use that hair to wash their husbands' feet.


There is noting in the Book of John requiring women to use their own hair for the washing of feet. In many old paintings by non-Mormons, they show Mary Magdalene and others washing Jesus' feet with rags. Nothing about hair!

Like Brian Mitchell, and Phillip Garrido, Jeffs is a sexual deviant who used his authority no righteous man has ever gave him to marry multiple wives for himself, and then forces young women to marry old men in their "compound"

The young men are routinely "excommunicated" for basically not being perfect. Their homeless in Utah, Arizona, and Texas, while the girls their age are being raped by old farts.

Mitchell himself was trying to start his own apostate religion by borrowing beliefs of another apostate sect. The only thing Mitchell was trying to do was finding another way other than to jack off was seeing that he could put his dick in a younger girl's pussy.

Elizabeth Smart was not his first victim.

Mitchell is trying to con the judicial system by faking mental illness, so he can be set free. Like Garrido, Mitchell is a MASTER MANIPULATOR. He forced Elizabeth to change her name, and wear a muslim style dress, SO MITCHELL AND BARZEE WON'T GET CAUGHT!


Jurors as a whole are not stupid. Mitchell knew what he was doing was wrong. He has no excuse for it. Even if he was abused as a child, it doesn't excuse him from molesting his own children, let alone kidnap and rape somebody else.

It's time for Mitchell to held as competent, to fess up, be a man, and attempt to disprove the State's and Government's cases against him. The problem is he was there with Elizabeth for nine months. Mitchell should face the music.

As for Elizabeth not being pregnant, either Mitchell was naturally shooting blanks, or he had a vasectomy. Either way, Elizabeth did not consent to any sex, and Mitchell should face 270 counts of Rape. The only reason why he may be faking mental illness is because he does not want to be killed, or ironically, be raped in prison.

I do not think sociopathy is a mental illness, but this is something Mitchell should have thought about all this before kidapping Elizabeth in the first place.


  1. All this is what I've been saying all along. The judges & Mitchell's shrinks should get their competency checked.

  2. They should be under review. Competency? Hmm, maybe? If there are witnesses to testify that Mitchell is faking it, all of the findings that Mitchell is imcompetent should be reversed.

    Mitchell is a MASTER MANIPULATOR. He doesn't want to be caught. There are inmates in the Utah State Prison that would risk any chance of Exhaltation, and will kill Mitchell. Mitchell got away in kidnapping and raping Elizabeth by forcing her to wear a Muslim outfit, and forcing her to be called by some other name. It's takes a genius, not a crazy man, to do this. If Mitchell did it in the other 49 states, he would have been tried already for his crimes. If Utah took a "right from wrong" analysis, it would be clear that he is not mentally ill.