A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, July 3, 2010



Nancy Bocanegra Garrido wants to still see Jaycee Dugard. She makes Sarah Palin a rocket scientist (but Sarah's still a cunt). This Nancy cunt bitch gets busted last August, and comes across as "Who me?", and "Why me?" It's like it's not her fault for:

1. Marrying rapist Phillip Garrido.
2. Helping to kidnap Jaycee.
3. NOT calling the Police!
4. Looking stupid and oblivious for the last 20 years.

Instead of seeing Jaycee Dugard, Nancy should do this:

1. Talk to her own real family, the Bocanegras.
2. Divorce Phillip Garrido.
3. Confess to her minister from the Jehovah's Witnesses (OK, I disagree with their beliefs, but she was raised in that religion, so she should say it to the people she's familiar with).
4. Plead guilty.
5. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN ACTIONS! She's acting like a stupid 13-year old juvenile. She's over 50. GROW THE FUCK UP!
6. Accept the fact that Jaycee or her kids are not your family. They are related to Carl and Terry Probyn, Jaycee's parents who had missed her for two decades BECAUSE YOU HELPED KIDNAP JAYCEE!

There are parts of Marsy's Law (Prop. 9) that I do agree with. Jaycee and her family don't want anything to do two MASTER MANIPULATORS. Nancy is just in another scheme by Phillip Garrido to manipulate his case so that he can get another "early release" and pull the same $20 million shit that he did to get out of the 50-year Federal sentence he was supposed to serve for the 1976 kidnapping and rape of Katie Calloway Hall. Unless Nancy fesses up, Phil and Nancy both need to be locked up and thrown away the key.

From the Oakland Tribune:

Nancy Garrido's lawyer argues for visit by Jaycee Dugard and kids

By Sam Stanton Sacramento Bee

Posted: 06/26/2010 07:53:01 AM PDT

Updated: 06/26/2010 03:17:33 PM PDT
Everybody wants to see Jaycee.
Nearly a year after kidnapping victim Jaycee Lee Dugard was found alive, she remains the subject of intense legal and emotional wrangling as the case against her accused abductors slowly inches forward.
On Friday, the latest appeal came from Nancy Garrido's lawyer, who suggested it may be better for Dugard and the two children she had in captivity to see Nancy Garrido privately before she faces her in court.
Nancy Garrido is accused along with her husband, convicted rapist and kidnapper Phillip Garrido, of snatching Dugard off a street in 1991 when she was 11.
The pair are accused of holding her captive until Dugard was freed in August, and they are now in jail awaiting trial on rape and kidnapping charges that could send both to prison for life.
On Friday, following an uneventful court hearing, Nancy Garrido's attorney said he thought such a private meeting would be helpful.

"A couple of shrinks I've talked to say it may be beneficial for Jaycee and the kids to see Nancy before actually seeing them in a court," attorney Stephen Tapson said after the hearing in Placerville.

Tapson noted that a court order forbids the Garridos from trying to contact Dugard, now 30 and living in seclusion with the two girls she bore to Phillip Garrido, the first after she became pregnant at 13.

But he said whatever doctor may be counseling Dugard could reach out to the El Dorado County district attorney for such a meeting.

"A lot of people don't understand, she loves those kids, she loves Jaycee," Tapson said.

"And this is a relationship born of evil, but at the end it came down to a family relationship and she honestly, truly misses them.

"And people will say that's terrible because it's (Nancy Garrido's) fault, but it's a fact and a fact that she misses them."

It is not the first time Tapson has described how much Nancy Garrido misses the three.

But El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson, whose office has been so protective of Dugard and her privacy that his court documents refer to her as "Jane Doe," has made it clear that Dugard wants no contact with the Garridos.

"Ms. Doe has emphatically stated to our office that she does not want any contact with the defendants or their attorneys," Pierson's office stated in a February court filing.

Dugard also has made it clear she wants no contact with a man who has attended two previous court hearings in Placerville and is trying to prove that he is her father, the result of a brief relationship with Jaycee's mother three decades ago.

Dugard, who is expected to testify at trial, has not attended any of the hearings that have been dragging on since last August. But one of Phillip Garrido's former victims — Katie Callaway Hall — has made regular trips from her Nevada home to watch the proceedings.

Hall, abducted and assaulted by Garrido in 1976, makes the drive with her husband, Jim, and says she expects to watch all of the trial.

"I'm hoping to be an eyewitness to this entire event and make sure that no rock goes unturned," she said after Friday's hearing, "and if I can be of any assistance, that's what I'm here for."

Friday's five-minute affair consisted of the judge agreeing to allow the Garridos to speak to each other in the El Dorado County Jail by telephone once in July and once in August, continuing a previous order that allowed five-minute calls between the couple.

The judge also set the next hearing date for Aug. 20, although real evidence in the case is not expected to be presented until early October.

Meanwhile, the defense is poring over documents and evidence prosecutors have turned over.

"We've got another 10,000 pages coming Tuesday, so we'll see," Tapson said.

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