A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, July 3, 2010


But the devil, from the time of Adam & Eve, has always promoted false doctrine. This time, Nevada Senate candidate Sharon Angle, cunt and idiot, wants to force women to have babies by rapists who raped them. 

Now, I'm personally not in favor of abortions for all purposes, but to demand that a rape victim keep her baby, then you must go back to the State Hospital you escaped from, and take your legal meds.

This reminds me of a Season 12 episode of E. R. that aired in 2006, a month after the Christmas episode. At the end of the Christmas episode, Abby tells Luka, her once again boyfriend, and the new E. R. Chief the good news (unless you're the asshole type that doesn't want to pay child support) that she's pregnant. Maybe after having a bipolar mother and brother, it is debateable about whether she needed an abortion (she didn't). Another part of the post-Christmas episode was a 15-year old came to the E. R., because she was pregnant. She later admitted that she was date-raped, but her fucked up parents wanted her to keep the baby. They might as well play "kick the baby"! Why should any child who has been raped "serve a sentence"?!!! No child should be forced to a) carry a child to term that wasn't her fault to begin with, and b) raise a product that was made by a violent ASSHOLE (rape is not a crime of sex, but a crime of violence)! What if the 15-year old was raped by a Phillip Garrido-type? It should be noted that Garrido raped a California woman in Reno in 1976. The problem is that the rape victim had to endure the act of violence, and then she is asked or demanded to endure nine months of hell because of the rapist, and further raise the son or daughter of the rapist for the next 18 years! Angle is a cunt, dingbat, meatball, meathead, bitch, whore, and is absolutely stupid! Why should anybody vote for a coldless and heartless bitch?

[UPDATE: I could have send everybody to TNT to watch the E. R. reruns, but I found out tonight that they don't air them now. Fuck, the original Star Trek lasted only three years, and everybody is into that? E. R. had been on the air for 15 years. A few series like Gunsmoke and the original Law & Order lasted 20 years. It's fine time to have Gunsmoke, Law & Order, and E & R Conventions.]

I can see it now. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid being reelected. It would not happen if:

1. Reid's opponent was "Reaganesque".
2. Reid's opponent gave coherent views to voters.

In order to avoid being "Martha-Coaxleyed" out of office, Reid should still campaign like hell, but with Angle being more stupid than a retarded person, it makes you wonder what the Republican Party has been up to. The Republincans better find better messages to the voters, or we may have a one-party nation, because the other party is ran by State Hospital escapees or everybody in the South is "high on the Jack Daniels' supply".

"Lesson No. 2, don't get high on your own supply."-Elvie Hancock, "Scarface".   

From Eschaton:

God Has A Plan For Women To Be Raped

Unlike some, I don't find being against a rape exception to be any more repugnant than being against choice generally. It's much more morally consistent to be against all abortion than it is to be against all except a few that are ok. It's one of those carveouts designed to give the squishy middle crowd a Sensible Centrist position on the issue.

But having the view that raped and impregnated women are all part of God's plan, well, interesting God you've got there.

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