A call to action

A call to action
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Friday, January 8, 2010


Gilbert Maines is no longer Nancy Garrido's attorney.

What was the possible mindset of Maines? Hmm?

"I can't talk with my stupid client. She cries. She just wants to go back with her hubby."

"She is so stupid and clueless as to why she's in the joint. She helped keep that child [Jaycee Dugard] for almost two decades. She didn't pick up the phone and call the Police. She's more crazier than her hubby. Let's see? He calls Channel 3 [KCRA-TV in Sacramento] to tell a reporter about how lovely it was to kidnap, rape, and torture the victim, instead of calling a lawyer?!! If I caught picked up on a DUI, I'd call [so-and-so lawyer] to help get me out."

"I can't talk sense to that dumb bitch. I want to get her to plead out, but she still LOVES that asshole. She talks about God. God doesn't do anything, but if He did, He'd side with the D.A. The hubby already has at least one strike, but he's a troller. He almost returned to the scene of his last crime. Why would she marry this asshole? Fame? It's the reason why girls write to Charlie Manson or that new guy on Death Row, that guy who dumped his pregnant wife in the Bay [Scott Peterson]. She's like that two-bit actress [Lana Clarksson] that got killed by [Phil] Spector. Now, he's in te pokie, too. Unless I get a plea, my case is a waste of time."

"I'm bored. I'm going to the golf club tonight to see [so-and-so]. Maybe I can make more money by writing a book?"

Earth to Maines and 80% of the State Bar population. You have an ethical obligtion to vigorously represent your client, even if he or she is an uncooperative son of a bitch. You can't help it if he or she is not a rational adult, which is why he or she is in a 11' by 8' cell.

The reason why I say all of this because a lawyer is supposed to INVESTIGATE all defenses. Should Nancy Garrido be set free, the same woman who was seen using a stun gun on Jaycee in 1991, because the lawyer sat on his sorry fat ass and did nothing?

We represent a client in our office that currently has a pending appeal in the Ninth Circuit whose previous lawyer didn't do any investigations or research. He tried to have our client's therapist plead to get our client to plead guilty. This was a First Amendment case. Legal research was required. The problem with 80% of the California State Bar population is despite passing a very difficult Bar Exam, lawyers act and are clueless when you discuss legal issues with him. They go to the office to get quick money, but they don't want to vigorously produce and win a case. The reality is that there are no Perry Masons, Ben Matlocks, and Bobby Donnells. In a former civil case, we had a client whose previous attorney wanted to settle for $50,000 on a loss of a $400,000 house; the house was lost because when her husband was in a Federal Prison in Kansas, his "compadre" went to an immigration mill in Orange County, got a fake ID, said he was her husband, and forged his name on the grant deed causing the husband to lose the property. It was sold in a foreclosure sale for $400,000! 

We live in a lazy world. We yearn for the days of George Jetson without doing anything to get to that goal. In reality, when the majority of Fox News viewers are Trailer Trash, we might as well be called the United States of Trailer Trash.

What lawyers should do is spend 10 hours per day actually working on their cases. If they don't, even killers and rapists could be set free. If lawyers don't dilligently represent their clients, the innocents sit and die in jail while the guilty could go free because the lawyer is a "hasan", a pig that don't fly straight. Some lawyers are sociopathic as their clients. Until the Courts and the Legislatures stop all of the bull shit, one might as well go pro per, if they are not the Tin Man, and have a brain.

As to Maines, if you want more money, go write your fucking book! The last thing I want to hear 20 years from now is that somebody like Nancy Garrido is fighting her Habeas Appeal, because some stupid hasan wanted to go write a book about her case. 

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