A call to action

A call to action
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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I submitted this blog entry, because I'm afraid we are repeating history. This land, all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, most of Colorado, parts of Wyoming and Kansas, and the Oklahoma Panhandle, were all once MEXICO. On January 24, 1848, we signed a treaty with Mexico, guaranteeing the rights of Mexicans and Indians still living in the stolen land as American citizens. What has this Government done? They have killed thousands of people, stolen their land, denied them the right to vote, and openly discriminated against them. For the last Century, millions of White Anglo-Saxon Polacks have all demanded that all "Mexicans", regardless of whether they were born here, which country they actually emigrated from, and what papers they have, BE DEPORTED. I have one thing to say for all of this:


There's a very special person that is mentioned from the Article. Her name is Anneliese Marie Frank. She was born on June 12, 1929. Her father served in the Imperial German Army in World War I. Her father gave her a diary on her 13th birthday. About three weeks later, she went into hiding with her parents, her sister, and five others. She kept the Diary for 26 months, until August 4, 1944, when I believe a Judas, Wilhelm Van Maaren, called the Gestapo, who later arrested the Franks, the Van Pels, and Dr. Pfeffer. Only Otto Frank survived. Anne was born a Jew and GERMAN, and she died a Jew and GERMAN! The coup of the Enabling Act was nothing more than a violation of the Weimar Constitution. Her Diary is the best read book of all time third to the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
Recently, Marg Baker said that "they" should be put into camps. SHE CAN SUCK MY DICK AND BALLS BLUE!
This story and all other stories should be promulgated to show and prevent any and all atrocities against all Latinos. If we don't, some Ana Maria Francisquez would write her own Diario, and I shudder to hear of the consequences. Joseph Smith said by 1844 that the Constitution shall hang by a thread. It will happen. I am hoping it will not happen in my lifetime.
VIVE LA FRANCE LIBRE! (I say this because if France and Britain did prepare, then any invasion of Holland, Belguin, and Luxembourg would not have taken place.)
From The Tuscon Citizen:

Border Patrol takes father and leaves family on side of road in Tucson 2010

by Three Sonorans on Aug. 21, 2010, under Civil rights, Headline news

Friday nights are usually a time to relax as the work week comes to an end.

You might have to wait an hour just to get into your favorite restaurant, new movies are opening, and bars and clubs await their recently paid cogs of the capitalistic machinery for a night of libations.

For other families the night is more reminiscent of Anne Frank’s experience.

Anne Frank was an "illegal"

Beautiful human beings, intelligent humans, loving human beings… but that does not matter during certain eras of history. Certain groups of humans, children of God, our brothers and sisters on the same family tree of life, become dehumanized through the dominant power’s policy and targeted and hunted down like animals.

Life lived in hiding.

Let me say something to the dominant power — Republicanism in Arizona — about why you will never solve the problem and in fact only make things worse.

I understand your simplistic perspective “Illegal is illegal.” Wow what insight!

Speeding is illegal also, and yet the same forces behind SB1070 were the same forces behind taking the freeway cameras down because so many were being fined.

I thought illegal was illegal? What do you have to be afraid of? Just don’t break the law by speeding, and you have nothing to worry about.

But of course simplistic mantras are necessary and furthermore suffice for many living here because of our dead-last ranking in education (49th or 50th depending on your source). When education fails, human brains fail to mature and transcend into higher dimensions of existence. From our childhood of repetition — daily allegiance to a flag that was made in China, multiplication tables, prayers — some fail to see the bigger picture.

Illegal is illegal. Repeat.

What does this even mean? Who determines illegality, and you do know that second use of the word illegal is not the same first use… unless of course there is no depth to the sentence and it is simple a comparison of letter content.

Before I digress any further, let me share an experience from my Friday night.

I was headed to meet up with some friends at around 7:30pm and I got a message about cop and Border Patrol traffic incident on the south-side of Tucson. I left my camcorder with night-vision at home, but I at least could capture something from my cellphone.

I came across a group of crying children on the side of the road. They were crying for their father.

Let me preface this with something else. This disrupted family was clean. Combed hair, clean clothes, some with the highly-advanced ability to switch languages using only their brain. My point here is that they were not animals nor were they “dirty Mexicans.”

They are human beings.

Just like any human being, a mother and children will cry when their father is taken from them. The only difference between the dog-catcher and Border Patrol are the words on their vehicle. When you are Latino in Arizona, when you are unable to “show your papers” reminiscent of that other fascist era of the 1940s, you are like a dog that needs to be caught and caged.

You are not a family man. You are not a child of God. You are not a brother or sister in Christ, or whatever God you pray to. You are a dehumanized animal known only as an illegal to members of this Christian nation.

You see, if they were to recognize the divine soul within Latinos, the “temple of the Holy Spirit” or all that other stuff these same haters of humans learn on Sunday morning, these types of Friday nights would not happen. Most Latinos are Christian also, so where is the fellowship?

One last thing.

Not all parts of SB1070 were delayed. If you are driving in a vehicle and at least one passenger is undocumented, even if they are your family member you are now charged with “human smuggling.”

Then when you see crime stats that show an increase in “human smuggling” in Tucson, and people freak out, and then even more National Guard are called out to deal with this emergency, well now you know a little more about who these “human smugglers” are.

So much is contained in a word. If only Arizonans had the proper educational training to understand how a brain even creates the conception of words and how their meaning is derived as neural transmission via synapses between neurons…

Snap out of it Three Sonorans! Illegal is illlegal, repeat!

How soon we forget…

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