A call to action

A call to action
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Monday, May 3, 2010



This goes for all other states as well. Contact your local ACLU and file a complaint. If you do not, then nothing will change, so FILE A COMPLAINT NOW!

It was strongly suggested by the Florida Civil Rights Association (Contact) that we (we meaning RSO's, and or their family members) start filling complaints. The FCRA cannot do anything with the educational material that I sent them via mail except "get educated" with it. We (the RSO community have to FILE A COMPLAINT in order to even discover whether their attorneys can assist us or not. Without a complaint, no attorney can take action on behalf of anyone or any group.

The FCRA also said that we as individuals MUST START filing mass individual complaints to the ACLU (Contact) and FCRA. Once the complaints start "massing up" (stacking up) this is a good indication that there are similar issues in neighboring counties. This means that "individuals" have to initiate the complaint with the ACLU at their web site or send it via a letter to their mail box, and initiate the complaint with the Florida Civil Rights Association (FCRA) website or send the complaint via letter to their mail box.

Nothing starts until WE INITIATE THE COMPLAINT(S)

I realize that there have been complaints sent into the ACLU from different parts of our state, but if you look at the complaints sent in against civil rights violations or constitutional challenges compared to the TOTAL POPULATION OF RSO's, then you can see that we are lacking in the volume of complaints that need to be submitted.

Also, the ACLU and the FCRA cannot divulge your name or address when you file a complaint. They are bound by law to give you anonymity. RSO's or their family don't need to be afraid to make a complaint. In fact, this is the only thing that will get them rolling on our behalf is if we start filling individually, then they will look at us as a massive group. Both the ACLU and FCRA are looking for commonalities in our complaints. And we have plenty, I assure you!

I have included the web site address of the ACLU and FCRA at the bottom of this email. It is imperative that every one make a complaint, even if you don't know if the complaint is valid. Let the lawyers decide that. You may not have a case but an RSO or their family member 5 counties over may have the same issue but their complaint may have additional info that will cause the lawyers to assist them. That case can be then used as a precedent for all of us later. FILE YOUR COMPLAINT(S).

I was also told that even if a bill has not been made into a law yet by vote, if you believe that your civil rights will be violated if it becomes law, you should immediate write out your complaint and be ready to send it in. Don't wait!

The politician's have gotten away with far too much already and we have sat by and done nothing. Start filling your complaints with the ACLU and FCRA NOW. They cannot ignore a group of determined, helpless, poor class of citizens that want justice and relief from the problems the politician's have caused.

Lastly: DO NOT CALL THESE AGENCIES. They do not have the staff to answer the phones. Send your complaint in by mail and ask for confirmation or use their web sites.


Link to the ACLU to file a complaint:

Here is the ACLU's mail address for those who need to mail it in:

ACLU of Florida

4500 Biscayne Blvd.

Suite 340

Miami, Fl 33137

Attn: Complaint Form Inside


Link to the FCRA to file a complaint:

Here is the ACLU's mail address for those who need to mail it in:

Florida Civil Rights Association

P.O. Box 593248

Orlando, Florida 32859

Attn: Complaint Form Inside


"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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